UPDATE: This is awkward. Moments ago we got an email from Travis Baldree, President of Runic Games, who gave us the heads up that every asset they've come across in the game so far is lifted directly from Torchlight. We'd usually catch stuff like this, but unfortunately Torchlight is amongst the bazillion Steam games I own and haven't played yet. The good news is, if you thought this game looked cool, Torchlight is available on Steam for the Mac and PC for $8.99 as part of Steam's massive summer sale. That's 40% off for those of you playing along at home. -Eli

Even if you just poke around on our message board, you've probably seen Armed Heroes. It is another incredibly ambitious MMO for iPhone and iPad brimming features we usually see in MMOs on PC, including robust loot and crafting systems, as well as skill trees, PVP, and an expansive main quest. Armed Heroes was supposed to hit this June, but after the studio behind the project discovered some bugs, its US date moved to July. However, it is now available on the Canadian App Store, so go nuts if you've got access.

The list of stuff you can do in Armed Heroes is exhaustive, and it's quite a looker to boot. The below trailer shows off some flashy stuff, and taking this at face, it looks like Heroes has a chance to deliver on its ambition. We'll keep you in the loop as we explore the game and let you know how it stands up.

  • volkan


    • stormchild

      Looks a lot more like Diablo than WoW. (At least the gameplay, as well as the very similar red/blue health and mana globe.)

  • http://www.uplayblog.com/ Bianca Mól

    aaaaah, Canadian App Store? =(

  • zergslayer69

    Is this the wow-killer...I mean order and chaos killer?

  • Yourplague

    I'm totally getting it I love mmo's on my iOS

  • LeoGe

    Good Game! this China Dev team produced the game

  • http://www.facebook.com/donald.ronald.754 Donald Ronald

    "Dozens of different skills"


  • 1Fcm

    Is this a full game with no other form of IAP? Cosmetic IAP's are ok though.

  • LeoGe

    7-16 All App Store

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/42YS2N67LP6IDUKBZUUCMSZW7M Pray For Death

    It's impressive how this is only 72MBs.

    However, as a former wow player, I recognized a ton of wow skins/models used in this game. I'm talking about exact 1:1 copies. How did they get away with this?

    • zergslayer69

      Its china that's how.

    • http://twitter.com/videobuzzard David Manchester

      Yep I recognised many of the armour/weapon models used. Have to imagine blizzard will be onto apple to remove it from the store.

    • Travis Baldree

      All of the monster models and dungeon tilesets are direct rips from Torchlight. It is a patchwork of stolen art. They also use the sounds and voices directly from Torchlight. So far I haven't seen a SINGLE MONSTER that isn't stolen from Torchlight.

    • 1Fcm

      So did WOW copy torchlight or what? I've never played WOW so I'm confused.

      • Graeystone

         No. WOW is an older game with its own designs and whatnot. What the makers of Armed Heroes did is what Travis said - Ripped off Runic's designs for profit.

        The extremely sad thing is that Runic's policy is(Quoted from Runic's Forum) - "The only thing our license agreement says is you CAN'T MAKE MONEY off of
        it. Other then that you are welcome to use all our assets for whatever
        you like."

        Armed Heroes looks pretty good. Too bad the creators chose greed and thievery which ensures what could have been a decent Torchlight 1 Conversion will never see the light of day.

  • 11liker99

    Hope the have different skins for characters. But controls will mainly make or break the game.

  • Ji Liu

    Failed everyone prepare to spend $$ on iap without ten you can't really progress.. First of all I fled the app and played it with a friend the downside of the game is that all essential things cost iap like extra potions while in a dungeon , character slots, extra bag space gems etc... Equips are iap too but u can buy it with gold.. They cost 150k and up but gold drop range from 3-7 gold per kill while stars monsters can drop 30-50gold and quest golds range from 100-400 max. The bad thing is that each mission you do cost STAMINA(100 u have), the mission per run is like 7 stam and no it doesn't recharge in x minutes u needa wait 24hrs or u have to pay$$ to recharge it it cost 59 game currency which is like .30cents roughly exspensive.... Once your stamina runs out you can't do any quet or level up because the mission and quests is how u level up. Also it's a grid feast like literally each mission run is like 1k exp or so and it cost someone like 70k exp to level up or a lvl 14... The boss monsters r though as fucks in nightmare mode and up the heal if you don't continuously hit them and try r able to block the attacks like 4/5 times..

    So just my two cents do far playing about the downside of the game if anyone reads..

    • Joltrabbit

      Should've read your post first before posting mine below. That sounds unfortunate. I like finished products and not games that depend on stamina bars that lead you along.

      The only good thing about stamina bars is that they force me to stop playing and become a productive member of society (or at least get off the toilet before my legs go numb!).

      It's still going to come down to this: is the gameplay worth the grind?

      • Ji Liu

        In my honest opinion I would say no, unless they update the game to be more viable. I'm not sure about
        You but do you want to spend like a 1-2 hours doin missions to get exp and stuff but still not even getting one level starting at level 11. Also not all missions are completed in one try it takes several runs to get all the materials which also waste stamina as well.. And like I said before each run is like 2000 exp if your lucky and starting at level 11 the exp per level is big compare to tr amount you gain. For example to level up at level 13 you need 63k exp so that roughly 31 runs but you only have 100 stam and each mission is 7stam so it takes 2 days just to level up 1 level.. If you don't purchase diamond to refill automatically the stam.. So I say no , not worth it even though it's a mmo..

  • stormchild

    Wow…this game is off to a bad start. It doesn't support device rotation, and it's flipped the WRONG WAY to use it when the iPad is propped up by a smart cover. Doesn't even have a setting that allows you to rotate it manually.

    This is so mindblowingly stupid that it seems safe to assume the rest of the game is going to suck too. Deleted immediately.

  • Joltrabbit

    Rotation glitches and pricing a side, is it worth it to wait for this game or to buy Dungeon Hunter 2 (I didn't have an iPhone until January, so I missed the hype for DH 2 at release and its 99 cent sale in December) for gameplay reasons only.

    If Armed Heroes has a reasonable price I may get it and use it as a carryover until infinity Blade dungeons is released.

    • UnSurreal

      (still waiting for DH 1 or 2 to price drop)

  • Fredrik

    Look at the names of some of the characters in the trailer. Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and Amy 🙂

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TUO4IZKUXTM4MRQSAOBOMT5TB4 Adam

    Just realized the toons were named after the characters from the "Big Bang Theory". Love that show.

  • 1Fcm

    So I guess the game won't be coming out at all... And if it does, who would actually buy it? (other than the uninformed)

  • Torinir

    It's not only Torchlight assets that were ripped off. Some World of Warcraft assets were also nicked, like some Tier 10 armor sets and some Undead models.

    Welcome to Limbo of the Lost version 2.

  • Steven Stadnicki

    (comment deleted - I realized that the game link wasn't a game link, just a link to a forum post)

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      There's no reason for us to try to obscure or hide iTunes links. People who want the game can find it by searching iTunes. Due to the nature of how the internet works, once information is out there, it's out there. People who want Armed Heroes will download it regardless of whether or not we link to it, or they have to type 'armed heroes' into Google themselves.

  • Phoenix777

    I can't wait!!!!! 🙂

  • GSJ1977

    So isn't this game, you know, illegal? What's their plan? Make a killing on the app store and then take their money and run to... I dunno, Greenland or something?

  • Siavash Darkfield

    In addition they stole a lot of WoW assets as well. Just look at Wizard's armor design, you'll immediately see the Priest t13 shoulders, the Black Bow of the Betrayer in Ranger's hand, Necromancer is practically a Death Knight class does bone shield and death coil and the design of the character itself is an undead of the horde. 

    These people are really good at this don't they? xD

  • kaizhuang

    This is BS. Absolutely stolen arts from Torchlight. I recognizes the ghost king before even reading what Runic said. Everyone please boycott this and wait for Torchlight 2 (which is multiplayer too).

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_524HQRTF3V5CKPZFCOMIN7V6BQ disease bag

    Limbo of the Lost anyone? lol.  it's a shame i can't try this game lol even though it's all ripped off assets.

  • Wake Malaim

    awww it looks really nice... sad that they stole so many assets...
    Im in a Dilemma right now ... should i start playing it or not ^^?
    well i guess i might spend money on torchlight instead of playing this copy.
    :/ i thought i found a new MMO to play actually