It was in early may that Rovio teased and then confirmed that the game formerly known as Casey’s Contraptions had been purchased by them, and that they would be re-releasing the game with new graphics, levels, and features under the name Amazing Alex.

It was sort of a surprising announcement, but also intriguing. We enjoyed the original Casey’s Contraptions and weren’t really sure what Rovio would do with it. Now we can finally discover the answer as Amazing Alex [$0.99 / $2.99 (HD)] is now available in the App Store.

We’ll be digging into Rovio’s take on this clever puzzle game to see what it’s all about, but given that the source material was good to begin with I highly doubt they’ve done anything to change that, and chances are that with Rovio’s vast resources it will be even better as the new Amazing Alex. Check back for an official review in the near future and also check out our forums for early impressions of Amazing Alex.

  • CJ

    Just installed it, keep getting "This game is not recognized by Game Center" errors. Anyone else have this issue?

    • Tondog

      Yeah I'm having this problem too. I suppose it's a result of being so new.

      • Charity

        I can't play either... Not cool.... And I do love the incredible machine, and have wanted it on the iPad forever! This will suffice for now. When I get tot play it.

      • Danny Perski

        Doubt it, this doesn't happen for other games.

    • orange422

      me too, can't play

  • Matt F

    Tons of better games with Universal support, GameCenter and all the new stuff around. Just because its Rovio it doesn't mean its good, after all, its a reskinned game. Dont follow he herd, think

    • toxiccheese

      Can you tell me what you didn't like about the game? Would like to read some actual player feedback before I buy. Thanks.

      • Matt F

        Sure! The thing shocked me the most was the lack of modern iOS tools, and the most important one: I am unimpressed by its gameplay, seems so basic right now... hoped for more, the game is a more polished reskinned version, just that

      • Eli Hodapp

        So you're saying it's exactly what they said it would be? And this has upset you?

      • 11liker99

        It is soooooo stupid. Plus it is a copy of cut the rope. If u do get a game it shouldn't be this one

      • Eli Hodapp

        I can't decide if the speechless Nathan Fillion in Firefly, the dude's head exploding in Scanners, or Jerry Seinfeld walking out of the theater would be the most appropriate gif to respond to this with... But, WOW.

      • MattRix

        (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


    Why no universal build? And I thought Gameloft could be annoying...

    • Dekon

      Al of gamelofts latest releases (6 months or longer) are universal now.

      • JBRUU

        I know. My point was that even Gameloft releases their games as universal.

    • 11liker99

      Hey. Game loft is the best iOS developer out there so don't go dissing them!

  • sakara214ever

    Must buy for me.

  • Shaun glitch

    Looks like an insta FAIL !!!!

  • Derek Traver

    is it just me, or are the in-game graphics exactly the same?

  • jchamplain

    I think Rovio did the right thing by buying Casey’s Contraptions instead of cloning it, like so many other devs would have. I can see why people are upset if they paid twice for the same content, but in the long run I'm sure Rovio will provide more free content than the previous dev would have, as Rovio is more capable. Rovio provided more content for Angry Birds than I was willing to play through.

    • 11liker99

      Like what Shawn glitch said this is an insta- fail

    • Thomas Slayton

      I respectfully disagree.

      Doing the right thing would have been buying it and then NOT orphaning purchasers of the original version.

      I'm afraid I won't be buying this a second time.

      • jchamplain

        I see your point, but If you bought the original, you still have it. They didn't take that from you. Don't you feel you got your dollar's worth from it?

      • rodgerodger

        Wrong. They did take it away from me. I didn't currently have Casey on my iphone, and with no warning it's now gone from the app store. Which means I can no longer download it through the cloud either (it's gone from my previous purchased list).
        Apple is to blame as well for making the system work like this. Hard to "trust" in the cloud when shenanigans like this happen.

      • jchamplain

        Sorry to hear that. It's a good idea to back up all your apps, just in case something like this happens in the future.

      • Anonymous

        ITT: people spending more time arguing over a dollar than it takes to earn a dollar

      • 11liker99

        I get 14 bucks a week retard

  • drlemon

    I will make the point that i'm just looking for the incredible machine for iphone, and since the official version was so disappointing, this might scratch the itch.

  • Gabe

    Wow, a total rip from the amazing machine game.

    • 11liker99

      Say it again my brother!!

  • Matthew

    The "This game is not recognized by Game Center" prompt is making this unplayable. It seems like it will be fun, but they need to fix this asap

    • Flare_TM

       it only happens once, unless you minimise the app and reopen it, then it begins to spam it

  • Bruno Yuji Kimura de Carvalho

    Rovio's a bit of a jackass ripping off The Incredible Machine, although most kids playing now don't even know this game, and Disney didn't really do a good job at porting it too. But I can't say I expected more from a company that dominated the gaming industry with only one simple game, which seriously intrigues me. I don't know how can people spend hours on angry birds, but again that's my opinion, I think they just got the hype and everyone started playing like a fashion trend, it seems very similar to using instagram, which I also don't comprehend, I mean why do people think making your picture look like a photo you took in the 1980's and forgot on the sun is cool and hip.
    I wish I could say kids nowadays are getting stupid and easy to manipulate by the media, but it's like an epidemic you see people well in their 30's or even more doing the same thing.
    Well I digressed, my point was that Rovio should have been able to create a way more innovative and engaging game with all the money they got from angry birds. I don't know if they can remain in the business by just creating expansions for angry birds or creating rip-off games like this one for a long time. This shows that their only way to survive might be to use their money to buy brighter game companies that can compensate for their lack of creativity.
    I know people will probably go crazy and call me all kinds of names, but I just wanted to leave my opinion.

    • jchamplain

      Chill, man. They didn't rip anyone off. Contraption games have been around long before Casey’s Contraptions and The Incredible Machine. Ever watch Looney Tunes or play Mouse Trap? And the idea has been around long before that.

      What's that you're wearing? A shirt? Who made it? Whoa, I don't think they company that made your shirt invented shirts. And what color is it? Is that an original color? Are tryping a response to my comment or a least thinking about? I don't think your the first person to do that. Hmmmm.

      That point being, it's not a rip-off.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Crapvio, have you ever of the word "universal".
    Ah, you must be too greed to heard that word, never mind...

    • Tondog

      Crapvio. How creative.