I’m going to have to chalk this up to getting lost in the E3/WWDC shuffle last month, but it looks like developer Raptisoft has been scheming all sorts of cool stuff since early June.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Raptisoft released the awesome dual-stick dungeon crawling RPG Solomon’s Keep [Free] way back in April of 2010, and we loved it in our review. In fact, the game has never left my device since its release and I’d consider it one of my all time favorite iOS titles. So yeah, it’s good.

Later that same year, the studio released Solomon’s Boneyard [Free], an endless survival prequel to Solomon’s Keep that added new features, refined the gameplay formula, and introduced us to how the series antagonist Solomon Dark came to be. And, unsurprisingly, we really liked Solomon’s Boneyard too.

Raptisoft is also responsible for bringing the underrated platformer Hoggy [Free] and the fantastic Metroidvania-style platformer Robot Wants Kitty [Free] to the App Store as well.

So now that you’re up to speed on what Raptisoft has done, let me fill you in on what they're doing. First off, a brand new Solomon’s game is in the works called Solomon Dark. When both Keep and Boneyard were created, iOS device specs at the time weren’t quite capable of handling everything Raptisoft wanted to do with the games. Solomon Dark will basically be “Boneyard the way I would have done it if there was more memory.” according to the developer.

Gameplay will still be based around arena survival, but with many expanded features, including an expanded skill system, tons of new items and abilities, better graphics, new spells, and the ability to create your own characters. Solomon Dark will also support the iPad and come with an online multiplayer mode. The developer lists even more of the new features in this post in our forums.

Here's the most recent early footage of Solomon Dark which shows some of the combat and new weapon upgrading system:

While detailing their latest itch to build games with latest hardware in mind, Raptisoft also outed some of their potential plans for the future. This includes a new Deluxe Solomon’s Keep, Hoggy 2, and Robot Wants Kitty Saga - all of these are planned as “what could have been had the hardware been better” versions along the same lines as what they're doing with Solomon Dark.

Also planned is Retina Display updates for all current titles, the first of which has just hit for Solomon’s Boneyard. As great as this sounds, since all the graphics in these games were pre-rendered then the bump in resolution doesn’t make that dramatic of a difference, though it’s definitely sharper.

If you’re unfamiliar with Raptisoft then definitely check out their iOS offerings, especially since they're all free, and we’ll keep an eye out for any new details regarding Solomon Dark, which sounds like it’s getting close to completion, and all their other planned releases soon. Additionally you can follow along with the discussion in our forums.

  • GSJ1977

    I loved Keep, but wasn't so keen on Boneyard. I'm sad to hear it's the latter that they plan to work with. Would love a new Solomon dungeon crawler instead... oh well. *pout*

    • Shea Hammerle

      solomon dark is a Delux version of boneyard, with multiplayer as well, and some time after Dark there will be a Delux keep with A LOT more stuff.

      • GSJ1977

        Well it says they'll "potentially" do that... let's hope so!

      • GSJ1977

        Oops, posted this before reading John's comment below...

  • 1Fcm

    More 'Robot Wants Kitty'? Count me in. Awesome news!

  • http://www.facebook.com/zallman.shedlock Zallman Thoreau Shedlock

    Can't wait for Dark to release! Insta buy for me, I paid for the others when they came out and loved them to death.

  • jchamplain

    Raptisoft is awesome. I bought all these games a long time ago, and I would pay for them all over again if I had to. Pick these games up while they're free.

  • GiHubb

    Fantastic news!!! Solomon's Keep is simply one of my all time favorites! On any platform! I sunk more time into Keep with its deep upgrade system than any console game.
    I have to admit though that I never really got into the Boneyard so will definitely still buy Dark but not looking forward to it as to the expanded Keep version. Always wished for it to be iPad compatible as I don't play too many iPhone games anymore since the iPad came out. Great to hear Raptisoft is back to roaring on iOS. Exciting stuff!!

  • PallaZ

    I wished that they'll make a new solomon keep

  • https://me.yahoo.com/rekzkarz#a0df5 REkzkaRZ

    Darn.  Second GSJ1977's comment -- I preferred Solomon's Keep to Boneyard 1000%.  Boneyard wasn't as fun, sorry Raptisoft.  However, the upgr system in this game looks pretty cool, and I hope the game has some depth to it.

    As for why I would prefer a Keep expansion/revision --> I enjoy exploring and discovering more than racking up bodycount.
    Despite the success of dual stick shooters, many have noticed that Arnold & Sylvester movies don't really do it anymore -- too simplistic, unrealistic, and annoying.  Gotta have more to the game than just kill kill kill...  (At least for me.)

  • DeInit

    Yes, I too preferred Keep, the tongue-in-cheek plot and the progression were what kept me playing it, Boneyard I quit the same day I started it.

  • contact-google

    Hey guys,

    John from Raptisoft here.

    Upgraded Solomon's Keep IS coming.  Boneyard/Dark being done first to sort of feel out the vagaries of multiplayer and a cleaner skill system.  The goal is to do Keep, Boneyard is the taste. 🙂


    • DeInit

      Guess I'll keep supporting you guys then.

      (That came out wrong, didn't it)

    • GSJ1977


    • Stephen LeMaitre

      Unlike the rest, I loved Boneyard... Ice Mage for the win!

      However, I am on Android now, with a Nexus 7... any likelihood that you will end up supporting Android?

  • Randybarrett76

    Thank goodness !!! I played KEEP all the way through and when the first update added more I played through it again. Boneyard was fun but just like every other wave based game it got old. So I kept going back to keep but no new big updates. Sigh!

  • Eric Behney

    Great news. Solomon's Keep and Robot wants Kitty are fantastic games.  Didn't realize they were made by the same people until just now.

  • NPeart

    They could have made the definitive "Diablo of the iOS", but sadly they chose to stuck with the 0,99 area defence/wave survival mundanity. I have gotten over dose of that already, and cannot stand yet another, the millionth game like that in one system.

    • http://www.facebook.com/brett.theobald.5 Brett Theobald

      thats a little harsh, there are a lot more features to the game other than the wave based progression. EVERY idea has been used in one way or another, and Raptis is trying to reinvent a specific genre with his own take on survivalist, dark humor gaming. you have to look at the things which make it unique, not your own stereotypes of a game which hasnt even been released yet.

  • http://marantheang.com/ Mara Anthea Ang

    Hope they would release for Android~

  • http://www.fablefantasy.com/ YW Purnomosidhi

    It's interesting game to play.

  • brun a barbarian

    NEED ANDROID VERSION, I am ditching my POS iphone soon.

  • aaronsocey

    Any new word on this? It's been over a year...

  • graverubber


  • hatoyo

    It's been over two years now! Did he get hit by a bus or something?

  • mky

    No news is bad news hey. Shame the Solomon games have been amongst my favourites of all time.

  • Chase Masterof Theuniverse

    still wondering when the android version of any of the solomon games will be coming out.... solomon's keep is hands down the best handheld touchscreen game I've ever played. hoggy is out on android, but I heard something about android OS being too slow to run solomon games??? it sounds like Apple elitist horseshit to me, because the android OS is just as fast as apple, just android features some cheaper and slower devices for low budget users. but on the high end adroid devices, they are perfectly powerful enough to run a game like solomon's keep