Last week Andreas Illiger teased us with talk of Tiny Wings 2, which in actuality turned out to be an update to the original Tiny Wings set to hit alongside the long-awaited iPad version of the game. Well, while the iPad version Tiny Wings HD is still making its way to everyone across the globe, the update for the original game has just gone live.

Tiny Wings 2.0 comes with an entirely brand new racing mode with 4 different birds to play as and 15 brand new levels to swoop and dive through. The iPad version, Tiny Wings HD, contains all of this new stuff as well as a same-device multiplayer mode. Both come Retina Display ready now too, and look simply fantastic.

We spent some time with Tiny Wings HD earlier today and shared our thoughts on video, and we'll have more to post on 2.0 when Tiny Wings HD hits the US App Store tonight. In the meantime, go update your original game as it should be live worldwide and check out all the awesome new stuff in Tiny Wings 2.0.

  • Mark Perkins

    AWESOME!!  Tiny wings is one incredible game.  That's one heck of a developer to put a second version out as an update for free.  You rock Andreas!  

  • FakeName

    Just re-downloaded it on my iPod. The Flight School chapter does add more replay-ability and fun to the game. Even though it is not a ground-breaking concept (seeing the plethora of Tiny Wings clones out there on the App Store), it's still nice to have in this game.

    Now I am waiting for online multiplayer.

  • 1Fcm

    Wow, the new content is amazing.

  • Akiratech

    Good update I love it, thanks Andreas!

  • Amerik Masters

    This is a great FREE update from an independent developer. Retina and flight school are top notch. This is taking me away from magic the gathering, which is unheard of. Support the dev for those that haven't bought this game.

  • TheFrost

    A year for this? Andreas wants money, this was a scam to promote the iPad version.... Nothing else... Where is multiplayer for iPhone?

    • JamesCubR

      He "wants money", and your proof for that is that he gave away a massive update to millions of people, instead of charging them another 99 cents? What fantasy world do you live in?

      But yeah, sure, of course he wants money. Creating a game is a job, he's putting out a product you enjoy. Calling this a scam...jeez - pull your head out of your posterior.

  • nervousbreakdown

    Extremely cool so far, i just dont understand why theres no pause button on night flights..

  • LCB12321

    Hopefully this 4 birds at once thing will eventually comet be online multiplayer... Maybe in a different game or another update.... I don't get why he wouldn't do everything nesssecsary to setup tiny wings online? He coups sell it as a seperate ap for 3$ and it would still be at the top of the charts for along time... Also he needs customizable fish and colors, new maps , map creator? It's time he. Uses the moneyade from tiny wings and make this a reallity... Then after that makes him millions he can do whatever...