It doesn't get much more hot off the presses than this, as mere minutes ago Andreas Illiger announced Tiny Wings 2 with a single tweet and one of the coolest teaser videos I've ever seen for an iOS game.

Check it out:

Per the video, Tiny Wings 2 will be hitting on July 12th, so keep an eye out for it during next week's release onslaught. If this is the first you've heard of Tiny Wings, take a look at our review. It's an absolutely amazing game that hasn't left my phone since the day I installed it.

We're going to try to get more details on the sequel, but regardless, we won't have long to wait to have it in our hands.

  • lookitsdan

    I don't even care if I like the game;  I will purchase it based on the awesomeness of that teaser video.

    • k1lljoy_89


    • lucascott

      I actually found the video to be rather lame. It wasn't that well done in my view and not something that would encourage me to buy the app if I had no knowledge of it. At best I might be curious enough to wait for more information or look up the original game and that might make me buy one or both of them. 

      But the video alone would be a no go for me. 

      • Ali Alnuaimi

         try the first game then you will under stand the video and awesomeness and hardwork of course

  • Stephen Staver

    Is it actually a sequel? "2.0" seems to imply that it'll just be a major update rather than an entirely new app. Since there hasn't been an update in almost a year.

    • lucascott

      I rather hope it is just an update. Frankly I'm tired of folks releasing new games and making up pay again for what is basically an update or a level pack. Angry Birds and Cut the Rope being two huge offenders. Apple created the whole IAP for that kind of thing as well as payingto remove ads and I wish they had made it a required way to go along with universal apps.

      • Maniacfive

        So, let get this straight. You are complaining because he's releasing a sequel. Yet you be happy to pay for an update?

        Just buy the new app? Whether it was a paid for update or a new paid app, what difference does it make? And if you aren't paying for new content for whatever reason, uh, doesn't affect you either.

      • lucascott

        I have no issue with paying for something that is worth paying for. I have no problem with sequels. 

        But I do have a problem with releasing something as a separate app, charing a full app price, and it's really just a few more level packs for the same game. Why should I have a second app on my screen for that nonsense. Why should I have to pay $4.99 for a 'fresh' app that is really just 30 more levels to the same game and should be more like $1.99 IAP. 

        I get why they do it. they want their names to appear in the rankings as many times as possible. But I don't agree with the practice

      • Niclas Johansson

        Tiny Wings is $.0.99. The sequel most likely will be, too. I think the same goes for both Angry Birds and Cut The Rope with redpective sequels, too. If so, I see little point to your argument.

      • mclifford82

        I'm still pissed that Double Dragon 2 wasn't just a level pack you buy for Double Dragon.  Because of this, I didn't buy Double Dragon 2.

      • Jenn

        If it's a new game hopefully it will contain a new set of dynamics while staying within some expectation of the genre. Ski patrol's recent update made sense in that while the additions are great, they don't warrant a new app, which is fair. I'm a huge fan of Tiny Wings, and would certainly welcome new content, but the trailer (albeit very clever), doesn't give a sense at all of the shape of 2.0. Regardless I'll be keeping an eye on this.

    • Smigit

      "2.0" and "2" are the same thing. It implies a new major release. Whether thats free or not is another matter.

  • IMNS

    Thats one neat trailer. Just one request for Tiny Wings 2, iPad support please!

  • JN Films

    Gonna by it July 11th at 8pm pacific time

  • oooooomonkey

    Love that trailer. Instabuy just based on how much time I spent playing tiny wings.

  • ImJPaul


  • ann

    Looks awesome!!!!

  • Dummy Account

    pretty neat, IMO

  • Daniel Skatter

    The day before my birthday. Looking forward to it!

  • esploded

    I smiled so much when I saw this trailer, just like when I realized Tiny Wings was going to be a top 10 hit shortly after its release 🙂

  • CurtNeedsaRide _

    Yup. Totally going to get it because of the production value in that trailer. Enjoyed the first one... in fact, I think I'll redownload it in anticipation!

  • stormchild

    Holy crap. That was awesome! This guy is amazingly talented.

  • Birdie31

    Ahh the suspense!!!

  • Greyskull

    Unfortunately for the developer, there are probably ten thousand Tiny Wings "sequels" littering the AppStore. For all the fuss made over the Tiny Tower fiasco, Tiny Wings has been blatantly ripped off exponentially more times.

  • Wicked8146

    OMG. OMG. Wooohooooooo!!!

  • Quickmix

    Best Teaser ever 🙂

  • Gemutlichkeit

    I was bummed that the dev never release orignal Tiny Wings with retina display. 

  • Matt F

    Completely out of the blue

  • Jay Ducharme

    Everyone's getting too excited. The sequel is a long way off. The sign said July 12, 2072.

  • nam009

    OMG ! gonna buy it the second it hits the app store !

  • Masa

    A new way for the trailer. I loe this kind of teaser ! 

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Tiny Wings 2? He dont even make the first one universal....

  • toffee

    Well isn't that a lovely thing?

    Excellent 1st game obviously, it will be interesting to see how the sequel differs. I hope there aren't too many new features as the beauty and simplicity could be lost, but on the other hand it needs to be different enough to justify a sequel. A fine line, but I'm sure it'll be another winner.

  • Tom Vysoudil

    Can anyone tell me what "device" is in this teaser? Thank you.

  • natedicken

    Love the trailer - very creative 🙂 doesn't reveal much about how 2.0 will be different - guess we'll have to wait and buy it to find out...

  • Mace Ojala

    Nice one, i have exactly that kind of a little instuments, it's like a tiny portable sequencer, i got it from a shop in Berlin. I have Tiny Wings too 🙂

  • dogface

    The developer is obviously very imaginative and extremely talented, so looking forward to seeing what tweaks have been made.

    Yes, this game has most probably inspired a lot of other games but some of them aren't half bad; Ski Safari and Whale Trail for example.

  • Ian Vischansky

    If ever there was an insta-buy it's this game.

  • iamLudlow

    I love that song! Great game, I have to admit I forgot about it in the time which has passed, but immediately reinstalled it upon seeing the video. I had forgotten just how fun this game was, until I played it, again. The teaser was fantastic and it's now on my watch list. Btw, toucharcade, love the app! I can't wait for it to go universal.

  • taylorbarclay

    This may have only bothered me, but being able to compete on the leader boards only after unlocking all of the multipliers was extremely cumbersome.
    I unlocked all of the achievements, but when you remove the game, they don't re sync to in game. I will NEVER fly through that entire island in fever mode ever again. NEVER AGAIN.

  • Nicole Hunter

    That music was too adorable it made me actually almost shed a tear.