Here's some awesome news for your eyeballs: One Man Left's so-radical-it-hurts turn-based strategy game Outwitters is coming out next week. Specifically, it hits iPad and iPhone this coming Thursday, July the 5. The price? Zero dollars.

We couldn't be more pumped about the game's impending release. Played asynchronously, Outwitters is a little like Chess meets StarCraft. It has all the hardcore strategy and positioning of that classic game, but tosses in bombs, twisted aliens, a dash of base-building, and a lot of stabbing. Or smashing. Or Shooting. It's a great blend.

Just FYI: One army will be available at launch with another two being offered as IAP. It just so happens we've got some screens of the three armies in action right here, so look no further:

We'll be bringing you a lot more on Outwitters in the near future, so buckle up. One Man says an official trailer is on the way, too, and we'll show you that as soon as it hits the Web. Now, excuse us while we go sharpen our skills.

  • Ethan E.

    On the podcast you said its iPad only...?

  • stormchild

    Clever way to show up in the results when someone searches for 'twitter'. 😉

  • Raconteur

    ... So it's not zero dollars, it's free to try with IAP.

    • Ethan E.

      You don't have to buy the IAP if you don't want to. It's like Hero Academy, you don't have to buy the other crews to enjoy the game.

      • Magdalene Felix

        Yes, but it will eat at you until you buy it all.

      • Raconteur

        I don't know that it is like Hero Academy. I'm not all that familiar with HA but I am familiar with Starcraft (and games like Uniwar, which this sounds most like) and this does sound like you need to unlock the extra factions to really play the true game especially if there's multiplayer.

        Regardless, my objection is to Toucharcade pumping the "ZERO DOLLARS!" selling point, when the game isn't really zero dollars. And even with games that are truly zero dollars but have IAP schemes that are optional but highly suggested, that's the first thing I want to know, not the reviewer saying "and it's free!" when, well, it's a bit more complicated than that. It's dishonest to the reader, and it makes the reviewer come across as a shill for the game, which I don't believe is the intent of this site.

      • Laszlo Tuss

        Actually it a two bucks game, but it will worth it, and also this kind of free or demo conception is the real iAP usage.

      • Raconteur

        I'm not knocking the game. It looks like a good one and I'll probably buy it.

        I'm saying Toucharcade needs to be more upfront about the IAP conditions when it reviews a game and not just buy into the "it's free" hype. This isn't the first time I've seen something like "and it's zero dollars!" in paragraph one and then an explanation of the IAP some three paragraphs down. 

      • Rubicon Development

         Total agreement.

        I have nothing at all against iap, but I'm really tired of all the "free" games out there. There's actually almost none that are free. They're "free for a bit" or "free if" or "free but" or whatever.

        I avoid all of them because I feel I'm being lied to by the developer before I've even spent anything. And I'm a developer that makes games with iaps. That aren't free.

    • Rubicon Development

      Absolutely, it's a marketing trick and it's a shame that respected sites help proliferate it.

      If this was a charity thing or some rich anthropological society's doing, there'd be no iap, the game would simply be free.

      However, what's actually happening in the "free with iap" model is that, guess what, devs are still actually trying to earn money to stay afloat, but they've figured out how to jack the word "free" into their sales pitch. And muddied the waters about how much the full game is actually going to cost.

      Our next game (deliberately not pitching it here) has iaps AND a purchase price. That might lose us some business, but at least nobody is going to feel tricked by how we go about selling it.

      Whenever I see a non-ad-supported game listed as zero dollars, that tells me exactly how much the developer values their product and I spend accordingly.

      PS. Most of this is not aimed at this app in particular, but at the whole trend of disguising purchase prices. Which I find particularly ridiculous given how small the numbers are in the first place.

  • Ernest Szoka

    Marketing tricks aside, this game looks awesome, wish there were more strategy games on iOS. Looking forward to getting this!

  • Harti

    When reading all the comments with Hero Academy in mind, I agreed with most of the points.
    However, Outwitters is not going to be like this at all. It does not require a 'premium' team in order to become a notable competitor. OneManLeft has put a lot of effort into team balancing and listened to the ideas of the 60 beta testers. Actually everything completely depends on your style, the map, your opponent's team choice and the opponent's style.
    With the free team provided you should rarely feel that your opponent's got an edge over you. And it won't magically make you better when you get all the IAP teams.

    Well, multiplayer games require a large player base. Thus it's free. Multiplayer games, however, require a server. Servers are expensive, hence the fair IAP model, I suppose.

    • abodi

      You don't need a premium team to be competitive in hero academy either.

  • zachawry

    I loved the description of the game, and was excited about it until I checked out the screenshots. No matter how good gameplay is, I could never play a game with art so annoyingly cutesy. Unless your target market is 11-year-old girls, why would you make art like that? I'm pretty sure this design decision turns off many more people (all those, say, without Hello Kitty cushions on their couch) than it draws. 

  • Rman04

    I thought this was iPad only, did they change it? I hope they did I ant to try it after Brad built it up in my mind so much.