It seems like every keynote features at least one game that looks pretty cool, and to demonstrate Game Center Apple boasted about Natural Motion's CSR Racing [Free]. Gameplay seems to centralize around quick online drag races where you control your shift points and when you slam the nitrous button.

CSR Racing had done one of those weird soft launches that freemium games often do, only instead of targeting Canada Natural Motion set their sights on United Arab Emirates. Regardless, it's available everywhere now, so if this game caught your eye during the WWDC keynote, mash one of the download links.

Peep the forum thread if you're looking for people to race against.

  • B3nlok

     So this is Apple now? Using that valuable space in the Appstore  that used to belong to quality apps to promote freemium garbage? Boy when I did not expect that Apple could go any lower on gaming...

    • Laszlo Tuss

      First, this isn't look like garbage.
      Second, its not from GL, EA, GLU, Zynga, or any other crapmaker greed iOS/mobile developer company.

      So, i will give it a try.
      Freemium can a good choose for some games if all the games content can achieved without paying.

      • Alex

        I don't understand these type of comments?  How are any of the freemium games from any of those developers crap and why is it you can't seem to play them without paying?  I have never payed anything on any freemium games from those companies and there are literally thousands of other people like me, so what's your deal?

        I play Zynga Slots, Zynga Poker, EA Boggle Free, EA The Sims Freeplay, Tiny Tower, Draw This Free, among others, and I never spent a cent and play them on a daily basis.  I play poker and slots for around 1-2 hours average some times, so what's your problem?I seriously don't understand what it is with people like you that have this complete hatred towards these models?  

    • stryver12

      Freemium can be good, or bad.

      That's what I've said that freemium is something not to be hatred as you won't know if the freemium is balanced or not. 

      Golden rule of freemium gaming: 
      1. Bite, then critic it. Rather than insta-critic as you hate freemium.
      2. If you want a free game, then ignore the IAP. Assume that there's no IAP in the game.

  • Paul Hopper

    Cool game, quite a bit iap heavy though.

  • iJoashFoo

    This game has horrible iAP. I'm playing through it now and it seems that later in the game you'll have no choice but to purchase coins for the higher tiered cars.. Not to mention the limited fuel system and and the 'imported tuning parts' crap.

    • ManuD

      Limited fuel system needs to attract fair criticism. It is such a dumb move on part of developers to curtail gaming sessions.

    • Shaun VanWeelden

      Once you get to that tier, you can buy with cash instead of tokens, they are just trying to prevent you from accessing all the crazy good cars from the get go unless you want to pay for it

  • Out5poken

    I actually like this game, didn't think I would... and I have no intention of using IAP.

    Currently I'm at $150,000, 19 gold coins and owning a tier 2 car. Yeah it was a little grind to get to that point, however its not impossible to obtain the higer tiered cars...but I understand concerns that some cars appear to be bought only with gold coins...A LOT of coins too...but I'll know for sure how reasonable they are when I get further up the ranks. As you often get offered cars at discounted prices. 

    • mikejammo

      I've gotten the feeling the discounts are only offered when you can't quite afford them and thus gotta buy in to use them. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never been able to use the discount offers without buying coins first..

      • Out5poken

        You may have a point, but what I did was...

        When I completed tier 1, I had enough money to but a tier 2 car, but instead the tactic I used was just to continue competing in regular races, accumulating more cash, then eventually your agent will offer you 50% discount on a tier 2 car... It didn't take that long, maybe 3 petrol refills or so... I've now completed tier 2,  and again have enough to buy a tier 3 car however I will repeat the same tactic to buy a car on discount.

  • matt crawford

    This is a very beautiful game. I love seeing the cars race down the strip. I am also in the camp that I didn't know if I would have liked it but collecting the cars and then tweaking them is fun. It gets my fast and furious fix satisfied. Now if they could only port Need for Speed Underground I would be a happy camper 😉

  • Raghav

    Just go to settings, then adjust the date 3 days from now. Exit Settings then go to csr racing. It gives u 1 free gold. Do that repeatedly. I made it to tier 4 from tier 2 in 12 hours. It's not as hard as it looks

  • Vit

    i love this game, they did a great job on it.. only thing is that, after finishing tier 5, i thought it would open a whole new level of tiers.. that's the only part that sucks..but overall it was fun racing.