Digital Reality's classic real-time strategy game Imperium Galactica 2 [$3.99] is now available for iPad, according to a new and weirdly elaborate trailer. For the $3.99 you'll get all the action you can handle, as the once-PC exclusive game incorporates elements of RTS, RTT, and a touch of empire-building into one fairly cohesive, multi-campaign package.

Users on our message board have been buzzing about this port since its March release on iOS, by the way. For the most, part they agree that the interface feels good on touch and it plays pretty awesomely. That's probably great news if you've been looking for another next-level 4X strategy game, but you gotta watch this trailer before you smash the download button:

  • Pocket Tactics

    What, are you guys joking with this? This game's been out for months. The UI's a mess don't waste your time.

    • Minecraft

      lol I'm not gonna bother then

      • Cesar Ramirez

        It's a great game, a lot of trail and error, though due to poor instructions!

  • Castl3mania

    What the hell did i just watch? Some broads dream?

  • DotComCTO

    I'm too busy finishing my TPS report.

  • Sanjay

    The game is good and has a lot of depth.The ui takes some getting used to. Unfortunately it has crash issues that are still to be addressed by the developer. These have been reported both in iTunes reviews and on the developer's forums but I'm still waiting for a fix.

  • phertiker

    At first I was excited, then confused by the trailer, then dismayed by the "UI mess" comment above, then super-ultra dismayed by Sanjay's comment above.

    Now I'm just exhausted and I'm going to take a nap.

  • maniacfive

    Thought process consisted of. Slick Video, Busty Blonde, Epic Music, creepy Reaper voice, TPS report! INSTABUY!

    Then went, UI issues, buggy, meh, appshopper wish list.

    We're not exactly spoiled for 4X on iOS, but theres enough choice to not have to put up with huge bugs. Great video though.

  • Gilbert Palau

    I just want the babe really, can I buy the babe and ditch the game?

  • HelperMonkey

    I think she was using the iPad 4.

  • jonathanjk

    I kind of expected screens from the actually game, anything less was pure fantasy.

    I can't relate to this!