Today has been a day filled with Zynga news, so it'd only make sense to end it with a gameplay video of their latest title, Matching With Friends [Free / $1.99]. It's basically Words With Friends [Free / $4.99] but without the words. You match strips of colored bricks to score as much as you can before passing a turn to your friend and they do the same.

Matching With Friends has a pretty crazy free to play mechanic which you'll see in the video. Essentially, as long as you have coins, you can just keep swapping pieces forever. The piece swapping is useful in a pinch, but, as you'll see, you can just keep spraying coins Zynga's way until you've got exactly what you need to totally turn the tide of the game in your favor which seems… weird.

  • Schpank


  • Brady

    i don't remember inviting friends over for board game night and then bribing people with real money to let me win. guess i'm behind the times

  • Noah

    Pay to win? No thanks!!

  • Martha Ott

    I LOVE this video!! And hey I just downloaded the game. one detail u Didn't show the folks at home: Tap on the colored squares on the board a bunch of times, it PLAYS A TUNE! Now isn't that worth ur dollahs?? enjoy the music classical masterpiece.... I'll be over here rockin out on my own colored squares......
    Challenge me!

    • rybred96

      Hey Zynga.

  • Martha Ott

    Omg- & there are different tunes per game! Oh this just gets better zynga. I'm gonna buy 50 bil shares rite now

  • themyst

    Why in the WORLD isn't this app universal?  Oh I know, to double dip the iPad users!

  • SuperMW

    The video is more entertaining than the game.

  • taylorbarclay

    Make it rain.

  • Samantha Foote

    Anybody know what the songs are that play when you tap the squares? There's one that just won't get out of my head til I figure out what it is.