On this week's episode of The TouchArcade Show the usual crew is recharged and ready to bring you the latest, greatest, and hottest in iOS. At the top, we talk about our trip to WWDC. Later, in our games segment, we dive into Squids: Wild West, Magic 2013, and Adult Swim's Velocirapture. Other topics we touch on include the Elgato GameCapture HD, the reception of Pocket Planes, and Tetris Holdings' recent court victory.

We stay pretty on-topic this week, which is something that usually doesn't happen. If you're into listening, feel free to stream via one of the links below. If you'd like to subscribe to our podcast, definitely hit up iTunes or Zune.


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  • captainugboots

    If Arnold Schwarzenegger were listening to this podcast he would have said "Its not a tume!"

    Another great episode
    Thanks all three of you, you all rock equally in your special way

  • krispydp

    For gamification, try fitocracy! I picked it up when it was only a website, but now that the app is out, it's great. Been using it for months now, has a great lifespan on it.

  • vegardls92


  • http://twitter.com/nrathaus Noam Rathaus

    Anyone else notice that when you see it in the TouchArcade app on iPad (probably the same on iPhone), it is labeled as costing .99$?

  • Coldar1

    This has everything to make a simple solitaire game a thrill to play. So much to the game its a crime for any solitaire player not to have it. 

  • Quickmix

    Great Game with lots of Content 🙂

  • gadget593

    So no more #FUCKYEAH?

  • Frank Ramirez

    Just got the Apple Podcast app and it is unable to play any of the TouchArcade podcasts. Works fine for lots of other podcasts.