Remember Probe the Humans? We covered its release date announcement during a rush of E3 related news, so it might have flown under your radar. Humans, for your information, is now out and available. It's also good -- it's a sharp, fun, and otherwise delightful endless runner with awesome production values and generous free-to-play mechanics. If you're still into the genre, we suggest giving it a look.

The barrier to entry is pretty low since its $0 and all, but we went ahead and grabbed some footage of the game in action. Below, you'll learn a little bit about its mechanics and its power-up structure, as well as get a feel for the game.

  • Dogs in hats

    Nice idea but the gameplay looks a bit limited. Great looking game though. Are you actually collecting coins? as I am not sure that actually makes much sense given the context.

    • kioshi

      That's what I thought, I played 2 games and got bored. It's very good looking tho.

      • GameResort LLC

        The idea is that the ship can only de-materialize organic matter and gold (don't ask, it is alien technology :-). When you pick up a structures, cars etc., the item moves up the beam and damages the ship as it hits it.

  • borgqueenx

    this game requires more maps that would be unlockable or something.
    this is kinda boring as of now.

    • GameResort LLC

      Did you get to the part with the tanks, soldiers and firefighters (once unlocked)? It can get pretty hectic... πŸ™‚