This is why we love the App Store. The other afternoon, developer Tantrum Solutions shot us a note announcing that it has released a Dennis Rodman video game in 2012. Rodman FT [Free], as it's called, puts you in the shoes of "The Worm," and has you shooting free-throws as fast as possible across four different arenas. Mechanically, it's more similar to one of those physical arcade basketball games than any game-game we've seen.

Oh and check this: the game's "photorealistic" Rodman looks like he is being rendered from a bunch of pre-recorded video files. That's right -- we have a brand new FMV game on our hands. We've got a video of the game in action below. In it, you'll learn a lot more about the game's pay structure and get some general commentary on Rodman FT. Check it:

  • Ivan Andriollo

    It's actually NOT an FMV game. You can't get that many video files(at native iPhone retina resolution) and pack them with all the other graphics and executable in a 40MB package. The game was built in Unity 3D and Dennis Rodman is inserted into the 3D environment using techniques that are not related to '90 FMV.

  • rpgmind

    Lol Eli's apathy towards the game was the funniest part of the video!!! That and the 'force pull' thanks for the morning laugh!!!

    • Ivan Andriollo

      That's how he managed to get all those rebounds. The Worm has mastered the Force πŸ™‚

  • HelperMonkey

    Don't care about the game. I just want that icon.

  • Vladimir Cotric

    cool game, and it's free! Like it!! The Worm is back πŸ™‚

  • Soul_of_Wit

    Dennis was the Michael Jackson of the NBA, but I'll always remember his contributions to the Detroit Pistons juggernaut more than 20 years ago.

  • futuresgreen

    Im loving this and have already made it to the top 50, I'm so aiming for Mr.Nicholsons score !

  • coldgoldenfalstaff

    Wow, this is just awful. Is that his real voice or an actor? I can't believe a game this bad has in-app purchases...