We've got an update on Frozen Synapse for iPad -- sort of. It's still coming, and it's still nearing beta status, creator Mode 7 told us via e-mail this morning. We assume it is still slated to release in 2012, as has been indicated previously.

In the e-mail, Mode 7 also included a new video that shows of the game's touch interface in glorious picture-in-picture. We've included that below, not only because it's a neat look at the strategy game, but also because it breaks down how to play the game. Synapse is fairly hardcore as far as turn-based games go, so it's nice to have someone hold your hand when you see it for the first (or second) time.

  • MyAimIsTrue

    Have they said anything more about a possible Iphone-release aswell?

    • lr1919

      I think it could work well on iPhone...

  • jay401

    Excellent news! Assuming the price is right, will purchase right away. Have it on Steam and have been looking forward to taking it on the road via my iPad2.