It's Wednesday again, which (generally speaking) means one thing in the world of the App Store: Loads of new games. There aren't quite as many releases this week, but the games that are available seem really great- At least so far, we'll see how everything pans out later in the week once we dig into these deeper for their respective reviews. All of these links should start working in the US App Store at 11:00 PM Eastern, or potentially much earlier if you're in Europe or Asia.

The Act, $2.99 - Forum Thread - An entirely original animated game in the style of Dragon's Lair and all those other classic LaserDisc titles from days of yore.

Asphalt 7: Heat, 99¢ - Forum Thread - The latest iteration in Gameloft's Asphalt series. Launching cheap and loaded with fairly optional IAP.

Astronot, $1.99 - Forum Thread - A retro-styled metroidvania game? Tell me more…!

Boom Brigade 2, $3.99 - Forum Thread - The original Boom Brigade was a fun twist on an… almost tower defense-y formula, and I'm expecting big things from the sequel.

Centipede Origins, 99¢ - Forum Thread - Another Atari re-imagining of a classic arcade game? Alright.

Fish Heroes, 99¢ - Forum Thread - We got a look at this game back at WWDC, and even though it's highly derivative of similar titles (Like most Angry Birds-style catapult games) it's a lot of fun.

James Noir's Hollywood Crimes, Free - Forum Thread - A strange Ubisoft port of a 3DS game? Curious.

Magic 2013, Free - Forum Thread - Yeah, this came out last night, but it seems worth including here just in case anyone missed it. If you've got an iPad, download this game now.

Soccer Superstars 2012, Free - Forum Thread - I'm a total sucker for Gamevil's RPG-heavy Superstars series of sports games. We got a peek at this one at WWDC, and, yeah, you need it if you liked any of their other sports games.

Velcirapture, 99¢ - Forum Thread - A high scoring game from Adult Swim that features "chain smites?" Where do I sign up?

Yesterday, $4.99 - Forum Thread - A noir point and click adventure game from Bulkypix with one hell of a cool looking art style.

  • Wade McGillis

    Also coming tonight:

    Astronot, $1.99

    Forum Thread

    I have no idea what was done wrong that caused my game not to appear in your post, but whatever.

  • mark2series

    According to Madfinger's twitter account, Dead Trigger is also coming tomorrow.

    • ImJPaul

      That would be soooooo awesome. I'd buy it. Even though I'm broke.

    • agentblank

      I wish but it isn't out in the New Zealand app store yet so it might be next week.

    • E_7

      The twitter didn't mean it's coming this week - and it's not. They came to the forums to explain and you'll have to wait at least another week. Sorry.

  • lr1919

    When is Fieldrunners 2 coming out?

    • leave_it_its_beaver

      Apparently it releases sometimes at the end of June. Haven't heard of any official release date yet.

    • Jacob007

      Im hoping next Wednesday!

  • Jacob007

    Asphalt 7 is a must.

  • ImJPaul

    I will post on this and complain about how Infinity Blade Dungeons isn't on this list every week until it finally comes out. Feeling the pressure yet, Epic?!

    • lr1919

      I'm assuming it will be released near the iPhone 5 release.

    • ImJPaul

      Idk. I'm thinking it will come sooner. iOS developers ate sneaky and always release when their game is gonna come out a week or two prior. And seeing as how all the other games that were showed off at E3 are coming out I think we have a good chance of it coming out soon. Plus their advertising it for the new iPad and we all know there's an iPad release every like 6 months now. So they're running out of time. Although getting infinity blade dungeons with my iPhone 5 does sound awesome. Haha.

  • veggieh8r

    What about Summoner Wars?! I NEED that to LIVE!

  • Red Shirt Army

    So the MTG game is iPad only? Come on man, I played soooo much MTG in the mid 90's, at least let me play it on my 4S 🙁

    • Hamses

      it's also a hefty 1gb for the free download, with what appeared to be additional size to download and install upon unlocking. is the card art retina resolution?

  • Thaurin

    Bulkypix? I don't think so. I guess they did the iOS version of the game, but Yesterday is by Pendulo Studios, the same developer that did the Runaway series and The Next BIG Thing. So you should take notice. These guys are big in the adventure game scene.

    Damn, now I need to buy this game. iOS version is vastly cheaper.

  • Tim Sewell

    No mention of Strikefleet Omega?

    • Noah

      That game came out last week, on the 13th.

  • Teddy Chen

    Yesterday is by Pendulo Studios, Veteran in the point and click genre. I believe they've been around before Telltale. Definitely a must have game for fans of the genre.

    • E_7

       The iOS version is published by Bulkypix - under their name.

  • Lomyr


  • Tranceaholic

    That Astronot trailer was entertaining. A retro MetroidVania where I can build my own levels? Day One purchase for me...iOS AND Windows versions!

  • Noah

    And they're live!!

  • Bobechi

    REQUEST that, from within the TouchArcade iOS app, there is some way to add these to our watchlists, please??? At the time of each "coming tonight" article, links go the NZ App Store 🙁

  • Madison Gerritsen

    I can't believe Apple is letting the IAP greed get worse and worse in the App Store. In the beginning days it was for extra content. Now it's just a cash cow ripping off the consumer. Seriously: Gameloft has a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR IAP in Asphalt 7 to buy stars that unlock upgrades and other things. A hundred dollar IAP.
    Where is this going? Why is Apple approving things like this?
    IAP for a cheap game to buy extra levels (like in Cubis Creatures for example): fine. You buy the game, you enjoy it, you unlock extra playable content. But buying in-game tokens or currency is a no go area. Too bad the freemium model is spreading across games like a disease. It might be the reason to not buy the next gen iPad or iPhone and just get a good old portable Nintendo 3DS again. Or a Vita. Because to be honest: current IAP policy is disgusting.

  • Madison Gerritsen

    (You should do a critical article about the evolution of IAP some day: I mean it).

  • Fabiano Morais

    The Astronot trailer convinced me to buy it (yeah, I'm a sucker for retro-style platformers and silly songs), let's see if it's really worth it.

  • John Doe

    just glad i downloaded the cracked version of The Act.  Did not waste $3.99.  Finished under 15 mins.  I just hoped it to be longer than that.  Should be $0.99!!

    now downloading Yesterday by most_uniQue...

  • waynemagic

    I've been playing asphalt 7 now for a few days with my son while on holiday and I love it. The curve seems to be just right. You can save your cash and get the cars you want in a nice progressive fashion. It starts to get more difficult later on but you should have enough cash to get what you want and the new tier systems means you end up using more cars. Plus you can rent the cars before you can buy them. The took out the crap 5 start target now its just three so it's all about the racing. The a nice rolling target thing now so it's more optional. Moding the look of the car is free. Each cup ends with a nice championship race where you have to come first and you unlock a car. The graphics are a lot better (on 4s) very fast It balanced perfectly in my opinion without having to buy IAP some people just have to have it all and they will pay for it. It completely ruins the game but there you go and because of this I only have to pay 59p. Blame the people not developers. Bravo gameloft.