It's no secret that out forum community is crazy about NimbleBit games, so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Pocket Planes [Free] is currently ripping things up. The #TouchArcade flight crew has been #1 basically since the game launched, and absolutely decimated the competition in the previous global event. If you haven't joined us yet, get on it.

There's actual real benefits for doing so too, as NimbleBit gave away 373,340 bux in the past event. In real world dollars, that's nearly $20,000 worth of free virtual currency awarded for playing the game. The #TouchArcade flight crew is almost 10,000 strong, and can always use more members for complete Pocket Planes world domination.

In other news, this morning NimbleBit announced that the game has been downloaded over a million times, with over 320,000 players actively participating in the Flight Crew competition. The first event had over 750,000 jobs delivered, and the new event is already at over 1.3 million completed jobs 30 hours in. Crazy, right?

If you have no idea what any of this means, check out our review of Pocket Planes. It very well may be the best NimbleBit game yet. Want to go deeper than that? Take a look at the main Pocket Planes thread on our forums, or the parts request thread to trick out your fleet further.

  • powa

    +1 support for #toucharcade

    • Henry Rogers

      Best glitch for pocket planes , won four of the Huey parts and140 bux

    • JayceeM99

      Does anybody know if you can gift people bux?If so how

      • cutebunny33

        yah you can give them parts that they can sell for coins but you have to be friends with them 😀

  • RunnyGnome

    Funny, I joined a few days ago thinking "Eh, they'll be in like last, but at least I'll be showing support for Touch Arcade." and then I saw that you were in first with a gigantic lead. MIND. BLOWN.

  • KenGriffeyIII

    Ever since this was posted all I see when I try to join is "Flight crew details are unavailable at this time". I think you broke it.

    •!/Retronaut42 Retronaut42

      I was getting the same thing. Restarting the app, and trying over and over worked for me.

      • KenGriffeyIII

        Yeah I got it to work now, joined the crew. We're for sure unstoppable now lol.

  • Albert Lee


  • Fep52

    #toucharcade is an unstoppable juggernaut

    • Lilwaynejr

      How do i collect prizes from the event does every one get one or just one person

  • Zack Fincher


  • grits


  • taylorbarclay

    Joined it yesterday, TA is obliterating. Also, the "Flight Crew" function has been up and down since the posting of this; gotta love it.

  • Cromwell

    I never doubted that we (Toucharcade) would make it to the top.
    BUT - don't get me wrong, I am content with the outcome- the system of the flight crews must be overhauled somehow, otherwise it gets boring and will discourage players who joined other crews. And there is no point in creating one and trying to convince others to join.

    • Hamses

      i agree, there should be a cap on number of people per crew, or some sort of computation to divide flights by by number of crew members, or something to even it up

  • Michael Nicholson

    does the whole crew get the reward for doing an event or just the people who do it?

    • Paul Hopper

      if you join the crew and perform 5 deliveries to the event location you will get the same first prize as everyone else 🙂

    • bluspacecow

      Like Paul said do 5 deliveries of either Cargo or People to the event location and you get the prize.

      There may be some lag in getting your prize as the first one they did was lagged :

      So my advice would be if you are going to take part make sure you take note of when the event is set to end via Menu -> Flight Crew.

      Then just before it ends take a photo of the Flight Crew screen by the sleep & menu button (top right button and centre white button down the bottom) if on the iPod. Not sure what it is for the iPhone / iPad.

      Then if you don't get your prize within 4 hours of the event ending make a post on Nimblebit's getsatisfaction page with your G number (instructions on how to do that above)

  • Corky McButterpants

    Since I started in Europe, I'm actually quite pleased with my 17 drop offs.
    :ka-ching: is that 100 BUX! Here's to TOUCHARCADE AIR.

    • Michael Nicholson

      thank you for that ill be looking forward to my P-40 WarHawk

      • Lilwaynejr

        How do i also collect the p40 warhawk it didnt appear in my hangar

    • Kurtis Jong

      I need any parts anyone willing to give any one will be greatly appreciated!!
      GC: Kurtis^_^

  • LearnIIBurn

    Just out of curiosity. What does joining the flight crew do? This is my first game of this type and I tried it after reading the review here.

    I'm liking it so far and checking on it constantly. I added toucharcade to the flight crew menu. Do I need to have the crunch in front of it? #toucharcade?

    • Electric™

      no crunch just won

  • Krautboy

    If you join the flight crew you have to participate in the event. Do at least 5 jobs and you'll get the reward. In the Brisbane event you can just buy Brisbane and Rockhampton and plant a plane there. Do your jobs and plant your plane in the hangar and close your airports. Or keep 'm and expand in Australia. A reward shall be yours.

  • vovabct

    Cool! Since I started in Europe I can't really help you right now, but at the first opportunity I'll try to bring you some points!

  • alyfantis

    I was so psyched to win 100 bux in the first event, but I didn't realize we have to fly planes to the event city. So I missed out. :*(

    • Zendorphin

      I have 2 airports outside Australia do I need to close them? Or is the only requirement flying at least 5 jobs (parts OR people?) to the event city ?

      • alyfantis

        It's flying the cargo or people with blue names to the event city. 5 deliveries will get you the prize.

  • Alex Mak

    Does anyone have Air van controls that they don't need? Also add me on game centre: makson404

    • vovabct

      Which airvan? -c, -m, or -p ?

    • Javier Velez

      accept my game center request my name is javijavs3 i have airvan controls

  • Sam Lloyd

    #toucharcade, number one yeah! my gamecentre name is samlloyd

  • gadget593


  • Kim

    I don't get it!!. What's te big deal of sending passangers and packages across regions?

  • Randy van Veen

    Joined the crew! But unfortunately, I started in Europe, so it's kinda hard to get to Brisbane right now 🙁 Maybe I'll join once more on my iPad 😀

  • Lea B

    Soooo great to read all your useful comments and hints here, thanks!
    Just joined Toucharcade flight crew, feeling like a member of a huge family 😉 One question though - as I started in Europe, too, like many of you, is it enough to buy Brisbane or do I also need another airport in AUstralia? And then I only need to place planes there, or also transport people/cargo? Thx for answers and happy flying 🙂

    • David Sisk

      you should buy rockhampton and possibly mount isa and you need to make at least 5 deliveries of people or cargo to brisbane

  • Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead

    Joined the crew today...lookin forward to helping the team! #TOUCHARCADE FTW!

  • Javier Velez

    add my game center for pocket planes    javijavs3

  • Dominique

    i just joine yay!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dominique

    i just joine yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Sisk

    ight guys if anyone has plane parts they dont want for anan or higher add me on gamecenter Tofu953 thanks:D ps, i joined during the last day of the  brisbane event and have 41 deliveries to my name...i know, not very many but im only a lv7 with 4 planes in australia when i started in europe :3

    • Liam

      i have a mohawk p part if u want it

  • Wade Howard

    Add me on game center jwadeh22.

  • David Sisk

    anyone know when we can expect to get our Brisbane event rewards?

    • Josh RageLyfe

      Yes, how does this work? I didn't have an open plane slot when the Brisbane event ended. Does that mean I won't be getting my P-40?? I think I got the 10 bux already. Someone let me know and feel free to give me a shout on gamecenter at jazzmastafish

      • Josh RageLyfe

        UPDATE: I just got the prize. The plane goes right to your hangar, so you don't have to open up a plane slot to receive the prize 😀

        Thanks #TouchArcade Flight Crew!!

  • bbcversus

    Joined the crew for a few days now! Now Im going to help for Casablanca event, since its close to me! yay for the best CREW!

    Also add me on game center! bbcversus


  • Lea B

    Thanks, esp. to David. It worked fine, we all won and got a cool new plane AND bux 🙂 Bought two airports in Aus for which I had to close down one another, moved a plane there -twice as I was stupid at first- but it was so exciting and worth it. Now flying to Casablanca, which was close to the airports I had already. Looking forward to the next events. ......addicted....... 🙂

  • Jordan Trill

    Does anyone have an airvan p engine they could send to suparbadass?

  • Wade Howard

    Do you have to complete the flights to Casablanca to get the event prize? Or just be on the winning crew?

    Add me on game center...... Jwadeh22

    • Sarah

      I think you have to complete 5 flights to Casablanca get the 1st place prize

  • chris(slave of Apple)

    Hi guys. Please please add my game centre tag
    "Randy gash smasher" yes it is a tad rude but it is what I am like.

  • Ben Colombari

    Just joined the crew, currently well into supporting the Casablanca event, I was 735 in the world on my own on that event so I thought I'd help out the big crew instead.

    What does the events in white mean, are there prizes for those or do we just take people and cargo for the fun of it.

  • Edward Muliawan Putera

    #Toucharcade rank 202 for casablanca event. Main base in Tokyo. Game center name: edwardmputera. Add me to exchange parts. Have plenty of p40, anan, navigator, equinox.

  • Ben Colombari

    And if people want aircraft parts I tend to just sell them off for cash, so if people need things just ask, add me columbo550

  • Michael Nicholson

    What is to be is not to be, but to be is we all get a Huey part and 35 bux 😀  

  • James Haigh

    heyy what is the crews current position? also if I leave a different crew with 600+ jobs will I keeps the jobs or will I lose them?

    • Michael Nicholson

      TouchArcade is number 1 and im purty sure you keep the jobs you have done when you switch groups

  • TheZachBrown

    Anyone know when i can start flying from New York across the Ocean?? Like what plane can do it? I have a Birchcraft and its just shy. Should i upgrade is distance?? Thanks

  • TheZachBrown

    Anyone know what plane it takes to send a plane from New York to Europe?? Im level 10 i have a Birchcraft but its just short... Should i upgrade it or do i need to wait?? Thanks

  • TheZachBrown

    Anyone know what plane it takes to send a plane from New York to Europe?? Im level 10 i have a Birchcraft but its a little short of making it... Should i upgrade its range or do i need to wait?? Thanks

  • Megan Doody

    I'm only on level 7, have joined toucharcade flight crew and working on the Geraldton event.. Is anyone else?

  • Megan Doody

    Can you have 2 games on diff devices? I have a game based in Australia and one in Europe... The Europe one I have joined toucharcade and bought Casablanca and delivered people and movie cameras but in events I show no progress... Confused!

  • Andy Mok

    how come i did not get any reward from the event?, i did so many jobs and get nothing!!

  • Mak 07

    Can someone help I need 22222 worth in parts to buy Santiago to get in on the next event my gc name is 2mak07

  • Megan Doody

    Ummmm, so far, from the Casablanca event, I have received the prize of a Huey part and 35 bux 4 times!!! I am not complaining but is this normal??

    • bbcversus

      Same here, I received the Huey part and the 35 bux for 7th time in a row, I don't think is working as intended...anyone else got this "happy problem" ?

    • Henry Rogers

      Same for me too

  • bbcversus

    Right now going to the next event, with the bux I received from Casablanca prize bug event I can fly to South America for the next event! Woohoo cant wait! These events are awesome to do, gives a purpose to the game!

  • bbcversus

    Ok this is weird, since the last comment I received 3 more prizes, got almost 500 bux now lol! I am so going to help the toucharcade family with this next event! 🙂

    Add me in game center - bbcversus

  • chris(slave of Apple)

    Got Huey part 18 times and got 35 bux each time. I love this bug. Lol.

    • Auke Manderfeld

      How!? Please tell us 🙂

  • Kerry


    There is currently a world event going on in Santiago with an "Archaeological Dig."  I have bought the respective airport in Santiago and have begun sending blue items to the world event.  However, when I go to the "Events" tab in the menu, I then click on the check mark to see my progress but the world event is not showing up on this screen nor showing my progress.  Why is this? do world events not go into the progress report for events or is something not registering correctly? Or I have not done one other step to begin receiving progress for this world event? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks

    (I am also a proud member of TouchArcade flight crew)  

    • bbcversus

      It takes some time to show it in the Events tab 🙂

      Right now for me is working as intended.

  • scubadiverscott

    I need all the parts to an aeroeagle-m can anyone gift them me????? please!!!!

    Gamecentre= 1218SCOTT1218

  • Auke Manderfeld

    This is what I think how I could get Bux on a event:
    You must deliver 5 times cargo or people to an active event city. When people or cargo wanna go to the event the text will turn blue, is that true?
    Please explain!

    • bbcversus

      It is true. Minimum 5 times, but I say make it 10 to be sure. Also the text is blue, but you can also check the city itself to be the city of the event (Santiago atm).

  • Kurtis Jong

    Got Bejing at lvl 7. now to reopen is 25000. I need as many parts as possible. scrap or whole planes to build would be greatly appreciated!! thx so much!!
    GC: Kurtis^_^

  • Tasha Mitroff

    Question, I understand the whole blue city as an event.. But what about the white cities? Do they not count at all? I have two of those cities opened, and I've been delivering stuff there. I mean, I didn't even open them up on purpose, they were just... my cities I already opened before, I got all excited when I saw them on the list, but they're "white" instead of blue.

    Tell me it's got to count for something! Haha, thanks in advanced.

    ///Edit: Never mind, I just found out they're "personal" events, they do not count at all. It doesn't matter towards the Flight Crew, but I'm fairly certain other people are doing some of these jobs in the flight crew, just not a lot. (Some of these cities aren't mine, but I can see some of the stuff were already delivered there.)

  • Marcus Nailor

    Anyone willing to give gifts GC ipodmaniac97

  • Chris Fasiczka


  • Chris Fasiczka

    ADD ME  GC = fasiczka

  • Carmen Musarra

    Hell yeah! Currently number 162 in out crew for the Dino event. Hooah!

  • JamesB16

     Thanks! As of now the flight crew has delivered 386,649+. #1 in world for the DINO THEME PARK IN SAN JOSE. My rank out of the crew will update shortly. The 2nd place below TOUCHARCADE is only at 83k+ jobs delivered.

  • Amber Whiteley

    Can someone please help? I keep doing over 20 jobs for the flight crew and I have never gotten the prize. Do I need to reset the app or something?

    -amber0318 in gamecenter

  • Cameron909

    Can someone please send me a sea knight control in return for a pear jet part or birch raft part. My name is Cam909. Much appreciated.

  • Erik Choi

    The second the vents come to the entire eastern europe area, I am going to buy lots of equinoxs.

  • Oscar Fonsati

    I started in south america and i havent vought cape town uet cant help srry

  • Peter Trompeter

    Finally, a winning crew! I have a question though. I mostly have Mohawk planes running with East Coast airports open. I also have Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Dallas open as well. I've even upgraded some of my Mohawks. How can I make more income on my flights? It seems like I'm losing money on some of my flights, even though I'm trying to minimize my distance travelled. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

  • Pedro Figueiredo

    Hail TOUCHARCADE!!! If Anyone have old parts i will be very thankful with donations!! Pedro St 🙂 , its my nick.

  • Flo Leung

    Is there a guideline about how many planes you can own at what level?  Thanks

  • Pedro Figueiredo

    I have completed 15 jobs to the event. Will I win the prize?

    • Michael Nicholson


  • Jessie Wagner

    Same here! I never got the prizes!!

    • Joey Jody

       You have to deliver at least 5 jobs to get a prize! And a pop-up window opens when the event's over to tell you that you won 🙂

      • Athan Crist

        For london games event do u have to deliver 5 jobs to london or 5 jobs to anywhere to qualify for prizes. I am talking per person not per group

  • Michael Nicholson

    OMG cant wait till i get the star ship!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pedro Figueiredo

    The starship is really bad :/. Can someone explain me why the reward for the winner is smaller than for the other places? Thanks

    • Chris Noble

      My guess it is to discourage people from joining #toucharcade because as it was it was a little unfair to all the other groups. Now the mission will be to join the second most popular group.

  • Pedro Figueiredo

    This is not fair with us. If we are the number one is for our dedication. The number one must win the best prize. Bythe way I will continue to help touch arcade, the prize is a consequence.

  • Andrew Timms

    anyone willing to give up some mohawk birchcraft or starship parts?
    GC is l-u-m-i-e-r-e

  • Pedro Figueiredo

    Can someone resume what were the changes in the last upgrade? Please!

  • Pedro Figueiredo

    Can someone resume us what did the last upgrade bring?

  • TwenYaruo

    Love teamwork!  The population is the power, in airline service. 😛
    Just joined TOUCHARCADE crew and hope to be No.1 in the crew!!

  • Michael Nicholson

    the starship was a disapointment to me...... i lose a ton of money from it....

    • Athan Crist

      For the london games event do i have deliver 5 jobs to london or does our group have to deliver 5 jobs to london for me to qualify for the blimp?

  • Michael Nicholson

    ..... I didnt get my reward for the London games...... im mad... 

  • Joel Long

    I've done events for both the Nimblewiki and the Toucharcade flight crew but twice I did not receive the prizes. Is there something wrong with my iPad?

    • ILikeTrains

      Did you deliver 50+ things to that place? you need to do a minimum of about 50 deliveries to get prizes.

  • jasper855

    it says i need to deliver 50 jobs on the job screen so which is it? 5 or 50?

  • Leah Pittard

    Add me on gamecenter chickltt

  • Richard Sigalas

    Add EternalNL to gamecenter

    • JayceeM99

      Does anybody know if you can gift people bux?If so how

  • Katie Boston

    I am delivering to the Worldwide Event but I'm not getting any credit for it.  It says I haven't taken anything to Perth, but I have been.  Why isn't it working?  The previous event (in Bordeaux) worked just fine.  
    Any suggestions?

    • Ashley Pohlod

      The same thing is happening to me. I just recently downloaded this app and yet to receive any credit for delivering to an event city. I click on the check mark and it says nothing. 🙁

  • Ettienne

    I delivered the right amount of jobs to San Diego for the Halloween Party but got no Hot Air Balloon. Do you need an extra plane slot?

  • Pete Moll

    I'm not sure if anyone is even looking at this anymore. I'm having a problem registering for a Flight Crew. it just says Register Player. I have to exit the game end the app and restart it completley . Some odd bug. Is anyone still even doing flight crews?

  • korbindallis

    finally won something a Huey 🙂

  • Mark Blackman

    Does it matter if i'm playing this on Android tablet?

  • Aaron Mendoza

    I really wish I could play pocket planes on my home PC! I am totally addicted to this stinkn game. I love airplanes!!! I stare @ them when I see I real one fly by.

  • Nex Frosty

    i tried starting my own flight crew and we won something last event. but im definately joining yours! (and advertising it a little!)

  • MindoPod

    Can I participate in two events at the same time? I started with the Chick-Con event in Pevek just now, and then also wanted to join the Minneapolis one, but only the chick-con is showing up blue in my events board now.

  • Leventarsenal

    Anybody willing to give me the pieces for a concorde? Please GC - Levent-95

  • MindoPod

    I'm new to Events. Can someone please tell me: Once I've hit the minimum number of jobs to qualify for the prize round, is there any advantage to delivering more jobs to that particular airport? Or shall I then move on to other events or things to do? Thanks.

  • Pedro Henrique De Souza Teixei

    Im the only one doing the museum event in Fortaleza (south america) on android?

  • Guest


  • timothy Andresini

    I have 3 concord bodies. Is anyone willing to trade a controls and /or engine?

  • Miro1602

    #toucharcade is now unstopable with me in its crew. Let's go!! We are #1 in Chemical Spill in Berlin!!!!

    BTW: Does anyone have a C-130 Hercules? Or at least the controls and body. I already have the engine from the last event!

    Game Center: miro1602

  • Korben Sway

    Very New Flight Crew Running, Crew Member Needed!!

    I am LV.23 only, 16 planes; FC Personal bests are all in 100's.
    Good through Tokyo to London (I do fly US, but not too strong.)
    Love to trade parts !!! [Game Center: EBZSWIZZLE]

  • Jack la Piedra

    Good Job i love #TOUCHARCADE

  • raginrogue


  • cutebunny33

    ha! just joined this team today and I'm already 2nd on the list ;D

    • Lala

      Anyone who plays do you still post here or is there another forum? Is there any interaction?

  • ZuluAlphaKilo

    How do you join up a flight crew and friend other people to gift them, etc.?
    I just started playing this game a week or so ago and haven't stopped. There's a world event in Dallas for the next 2 + days and I just bought an airport there- convenient since it's already in my region. I haven't noticed much of an influx of traffic to Dallas though at any my airports despite the that normal? And I got LA, CHI, DET, PHLA, BOS, ATL, MIA, etc, etc too. Anyhow, I entered #toucharcade as my flight crew a few mins ago. If anybody could give a noobie here a shout out it'd be much appreciated. I'm totally down to team up in these world events! Thanks!

  • Xavier Naranjo

    Add me Xavier1120 I'm level 6 so new please add