The future is an amazing place. Here I am flying back home to Chicago, on the internet, writing about iPhone games and making a silly amount of iPhones buzz in the process. (Hello, TouchArcade app users!) Anyway, a few weeks ago Apple threw their hat into the weird freebie promotion ring. Cut the Rope: Experiments [$0.99 / $0.99 (HD)] was the first game to get this freebie treatment, and this week, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing [$3.99] is seeing the same.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is an amazing game, and you shouldn't miss it while it's free. It's universal, sports online play, and even has a cool AirPlay mode if you've got an Apple TV.

If you need an additional push over the edge to download this game while it's free, you could check out our review, but in doing so, you'd be wasting vital time that could be used for racing.

  • brian61uk

    Sonic and All stars race

    I brought this game for IPad for my grandson 5 year old and he got into it straight away plus he was sonic swag mad. Then I tried it (73) and could not put it down. Get this A S A P whilst it's free you will not be sorry. Please enjoy it. Brian

    • bigrand1

      Yeah, it's a good game for all ages!

  • CrackedButter

    It's not *that* good, the care and attention isn't there like it is with Mario Kart. It's like it's enough to have some race tracks and let the characters alone can sell the game.

    • JoelSixPack

       I agree, this game seemed really good to me at first, but the more I played it, the more I got annoyed by it for a lot of little reasons. The AI difficulty seemed off, certain playable characters seemed clearly better than others, certain tracks were poorly designed, etc.

      It fails to do all the little things that Mario Kart has been doing for years and years.

  • GamerGuy

    Looks horrible...

  • FakeName

    Wait, didn't this game become free 2 weeks ago?
    Oh well, can't really complain about free stuff. I really liked this game. Was worth more than the $2 when I bought it.

  • Nelson Guedes

    Hummmm... I got this game for free over a week ago... I'm confused...

  • lr1919

    This had great potential, but the tracks are so poorly designed that I couldn't get into it and quickly deleted it... Once it went free a week or so ago I reinstalled it to see if I could get into it... Nope, it still sucks. Such an over-rated game.