More Mega Run content is on the way, Mega Run [Free] creators Get Set Games told us during a meeting this morning at WWDC in San Francisco. Within the next four-to-six weeks, the studio will release a fifth world containing 16 missions, new characters, and even new enemies to avoid. It'll also have a brand new theme, so expect a fresh environment.

The impression that we got from our meeting is that Mega Run is performing well, and the team is stoked to support it like it they have Mega Jump [Free], which has seen tons of updates since its original release in 2010. One of the things Get Set is evaluating as it moves forward with Mega Run is an actual "endless mode." There's a chance this will be a part of the world five update, but we'll have to see.

Oh, and Mega Jump? It'll see a "big UI" update in the near future and a "few other nice things are along the way," a studio representative told us. Very cool.

  • Ian Vischansky

    Love this game, glad to hear about the update.  I no longer view freemium as the boogie man thanks to this game and Tiny Tower.

  • Scape3d

    Love these games so much.

  • Tommy Dale

    Has anyone experienced crashes after buying and using the final red jetpack? I love this game and have put a lot of time into it. I have one more level to get 3 stars on. I bought the red jet pack and now the game crashes every time I get it.

    • Amany

      Tommy Dale, this is really funny, but I am in the EXACT SAME situation as you. I have got every single gems and star in the game except in the last mission, I can't get that last gem due to the crash of the final jet pack upgrade. Once I get the powerup and go up just a bit, it crashes. 

  • NickCoombe

    Mega Run dev here - yes, the red jet pack bug will be fixed, along with a whole bunch of other bug fixes and optimizations!

  • ManuD

    C'mon please give us updates now. It's hard to wait any longer. 😛

  • SeniorShadow

    to Mr. Developer: I believe I speak for many when I say that, if possible, releasing an update for jet pack bug sooner that the rest of the level package would be most appreciated. This is a wonderful and well-made game, but the current situation with the immediate crashing upon picking up the red jet pack has been a bummer. Thank you for the great work.