realMyst [$6.99] for iPad -- which is now actually called just realMyst -- is available on the App Store today as promised, and it's rocking a $6.99 price tag. realMyst includes all of the content from the original Myst plus "Rime Age," and includes a few hip features like save states, auto-saves, and a hint book.

realMyst is a port of a re-release of Myst that, for the first time, gave Myst fans that ability to explore the original game in 3D. This version includes dynamic water and environmental effects, too. Early word from our message board seems to be positive, but we'll be digging in soon, too. Stay tuned.

  • Perry

    Need some serious fixing... see the Main Thread on the Forum.

  • Repelstale

    Does anyone know if there's going to be an iPhone version as well?

  • mekman96

    Myst is great to have on iPad but there's no reason for this thing to run as clunky as it does especially since the draw distance is much smaller than Epic Citadel (which is also a fraction of this game's storage size). This could use an update, and maybe even a new engine. Otherwise it's still fun.

  • Jay

    It kinda chugs along, which is surprising considering how rudimentary the graphics appear to be.  I take it the code was pretty much shoe-horned into working on iOS.

    Aside from that it's a really hard game.  Where am I suppose to go and what am I suppose to do?  There are switches to hit, but no indication of why I'm suppose to hit them.  I guess their purpose will reveal itself later in the game? 

    Game design has come a looooong way since Myst, I guess.  Designers understand now that you have to 'teach' the player how to play, then ramp up the difficulty.  This game appears to have been made while oblivious to this notion.  I had a hard time playing Myst when it was released, specifically for this reason.  20 years later and nothing has changed, lol.

    • ratsinheat

      Jay, the whole idea behind the Myst games is having you figure it out. That's the challenge, fun, and most importantly, vibe.

      Can't blame ya for not liking it too much but do know that it's not poor design or laziness that lead to the openness of the game.

      • Jay

         I didn't want to give that impression!  It's just different from what I'm used to, really.  I do enjoy the vibe and mysterious atmosphere, and I plan on jumping back in later tonight while comfortably in bed 🙂

    • Nelson Guedes

      I played this game in my early teen years. It was a hard game, but I figured it out no problem in short time. Having said that... That's exactly what was fun about it. Yes, it's harder then games that take you by the hand and show you around, but I think that the value of a game, especially when it comes to a puzzle game like Myst, is to make you think and figure out what is going on and what needs to be done to beat the game. In my opinion, the real problem is not that games used to be too hard to figure out, but that games have become far too complex and filled with boring tutorials that are no fun. Heck, I have recently read two articles on this subject that talked about this. One discussed how Mario games used to be simple enough that you could just pick it up and figure it out without assistance. Another one ( was Shigeru Miyamoto himself discussing this exact problem!