In May, Subatomic Studios unveiled that it was in active development on Fieldrunners 2, the sequel to its original genre-defining tower defense game. What's had us so excited about the upcoming project is its guts. Subatomic isn't just adding new modes, new maps, and generally updating the original game and slapping a "2" on it. Instead, it's introducing new mechanics and concepts that will radically change up the core experience. AI has soul and brains now, terrain has actual depth, and the game's systems will freely interact with each other. It sounds like a much more emergent game.

A new engine is allowing all of this new stuff to become a reality, and you can get your first taste of the game's new planes, choppers, and ground vehicles below. At E3 this week, Subatomic is showing off concept images of several new vehicles, all of which will have a part to play in Fieldrunners 2.

Fieldrunners 2 is due out later this June on iPad and iPhone. You can check out our past coverage of the title here and a bonus interview podcast here.

  • AlecShobin

    Hope you all like our concepts!  Can't wait to see what Toucharcade thinks of the game after they've had a hands-on with it tomorrow morning 🙂

  • shidokan57

    Tr graphics look awesome and very original. Will be instabuy here. I loved the first one. Cant wait to get my hands on game.

    • AlecShobin

      Glad you like our artwork! The enemies really look fantastic in-game.  Hope you get a chance to play Fieldrunners 2 soon!

  • Jeff Holmström

    First game is way to expensive on the iPad, with that price I won't buy it. There are so many good TD games out there like Kingdome Rush and with a normal price

  • swarmster

    I think you mean "Fieldrunners 2 on iPhone and Fieldrunners 2 for iPad on iPad are due out later this June". At least, all the previous articles here have indicated that they still haven't figured out how to make games Universal.

    • AlecShobin

      We're still figuring things out with the iPad version and don't have a release date set for that yet, but stay tuned.  Thanks for your interest 🙂

  • Sojourn

    This article indicates that the iPad version will still be released this month, which is awesome! I can't wait to play this on the larger Retina display. Speaking of which, any chance of a Retina update for the original Fieldrunners on iPad?

    • AlecShobin

      Thanks for checking out this update on our game!  We still don't have a launch date estimate for the iPad version but it should be shortly after the iPhone build is released.  In the studio, there's a custom iPhone version with new iPad friendly artwork running on our new iPads and it looks glorious!  However, we want to really custom taylor the iPad version to that device, so there's a bit of tweaking that needs to be done before it launches.  

      As far as a retina update for the original goes, it's something we discuss pretty frequently but no official decision will be made until at least after FR2 launches on all iOS devices.  Feel free to send any other questions our way! 🙂

      • Sojourn

        Thanks for the update -- I appreciate the response! I'm just worried that I won't want to play the original once FR2 comes out -- even with a Retina update! 🙂