The demarcation of a mobile game has changed rapidly over the past few years, yet the most popular games on the App Store still tend to be those that can be played in short bursts at any time without much introduction. Subway Surfers [Free] definitely fits that bill, and is a game you’ll keep coming back to, unable to pull away for too long at a time.

An easy way to describe Subway Surfers is as yet another version of an endless runner that plays just like Temple Run, but with some major twists that actually make the game a much more entertaining experience in many ways.

The core of the game has you running along a set of subway tracks for as long as you can away from the screen, collecting coins and other power-ups on the path ahead while avoiding a series of obstacles like actual trains, light posts, wooden barricades, tunnels and more. You’ll be able swipe your finger left or right on the screen to make your character switch between one of the three vertical tracks, but you’ll always keep moving forward. Consistently awesome controls bolster this.

Adding variety to the formula are power-ups that can be collected to improve your score. The Jetpack and Coin Magnet help earn you a ton of coins (the former allows you to launch above the train tracks entirely in a mad-dash to grab coins), while the Sneakers and Multiplier (temporary boosts that increase your running speed or score) barely earn you any additional coins and will likely put you in harm’s way in attempting to collect them. You can also complete a series of missions that reward you with even more coins along the way.

Any of these power-ups, along with a few additional one-time use items like the hoverboard, can be upgraded with the coins you collect while playing. Yes, you can purchase coins if you want, but you earn them at a fairly rapid clip on your own so it’s not necessary to buy anything with real money if you don’t want to. Being given the option to spend real cash or not on coins is a great bonus, but is a precedent that should be the model by now on iOS.

While Surfers already has its entertainment value going for it, it’s also technically great. The characters have a cute look to them, the environments are colorful and bright, and the animation is fluid without any noticeable hitches.

This isn’t innovative or the first of its kind, but Surfers does expand and evolve what we’ve come to know as the endless runner. Sure, you might think you’re done with these types of games, but reconsidering with a dose of Subway Surfers wouldn’t be a waste of your time.

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  • Magdalene Felix

    Well, it's a great game but I wouldn't quite say it's "much more entertaining" than Temple Run. I like Surfers but I personally prefer Temple Run's overall atmosphere.

    • Katrina Hanna

      how do you download subway surfer i tried it wowork on my htc one phone can you please walk me through how i do it

  • OliverF

    Gameplay is great but there are shortcomings.

    - paying 500 coins for the mystery box item only to win 103 coins means you
    Just lost 397 coins.

    - Unlocking the last two characters can only be done by getting 200 or 500 character specific items via mystery boxes.

    Other than that the gameplay is fantastic

    • Nate

      The first of your points is by design, I'm guessing ... sometimes when you gamble, you lose.  It's annoying, but it seems to happen infrequently enough that it's not a big deal to me.

      The second of your points I totally agree with, though.  If each Character Token comes up about once in every ten Mystery Boxes (and I'm guessing it's probably less frequent than that, given the different coin values), you'll have to go through at least 5,000 Mystery Boxes or more to open up the final character.  Since the boxes don't come up all that frequently in the game, that's an outrageous number of games played *or* over 2.5 million coins.  If you're crazy enough to do IAP, those 2.5 million coins will cost you almost $280, and given the random nature of the Mystery Boxes, there would still be no guarantee you'd open up all five characters after spending that much money.

      Obviously in reality you pick some up, you buy some, if you're foolish you do some IAP ... it's not going to happen completely one way or the other, but even with all three in play those last two characters are too far down the road to expect any but the most obsessed to unlock them.

  • agentblank

    How do you fix the freezing?

  • EB1089

    Mmm... It's entertaining overall but not nearly as buttery smooth as Temple Run. I've been wanting the swipe to different tracks thing in Temple Run for quite some time but I guess it's abandonware now seeing as Imangi have done nothing with it since the last content update which has been forever now.

    • Dan Havelin

      That's because they have Temple Run 2 to manage as well.

  • Kaylee

    Dear Subway Surfers,
     All Android people are going crazy for this app on the Android phones. We would like to enjoy it a much as the people on iPhones and iPads. Please make it to android as fast as you can. I wrote thhis to tell you how badly people on android want the game Subway Surfers. I hear everyone saying how much they like it and it makes android people want it even badly. More than anything I and the rest of Android users would really appreciate it if you made it for android. I know how hard y'all are working and i appreciate it. We really would like to enjoy it as the Apple Users do. I really think Android and Apple should get an agreement for Subway Surfers coming to Android. Why can't new games come to Android first? Please get it to android without any problems as fast as you can.

    • No

      What is wrong with you? The programmers didnt write this site, some guy is just reviewing a game, the people posting comments have no control over what games are on android, i dont even know how u function in life

    • Tabatha Steffey Lovell

      Lol wow you think all new games should go to android phones first HAHA that's cute! Get an iPhone or iPod how bout an iPad that way you'll have access to half the awesome stuff we apple users have access too, oh an first lol

      • Dan Havelin

        Why get an overpriced, lesser specc'd Nexus 7 or 10. Better yet why go iOS instead of android in general. Given thd fact that 80% of all smartphones in Q2 were android and Android has more than 50% market share, I beg to differ why.

    • Kyle Briskie

      do you know if it works on samsung galaxy ys or not?

    • Dan Havelin

      It's on Android. Lol. Seriously?! I'm playing it on my HTC One X right now.

  • LaRita D. Dariso

    Why can't Subway Surfers be for all touch screen phones????!!!!

  • lancheta

    Game freezes up on my ipod touch 4g. Devs say play in airplane mode and sign off from game center to make it run smoothly but still freezes and crashes. Even when no other apps running. Its a pretty game but can't play it 🙁

  • Tanachod Promtong

    I like 
    Subway Surfers

  • Himanshu Jain

    want this game for android..

  • Costantinos Costantinou

    the app freeze and then crash on my ipad 3th gen. how can i fix that?
    it's ok with airplane mode, but i want to use it with internet comnnection.

  • Sara

    i've played subway surfer whole last week, its great game and lot better than temple run.

  • hannah white

    i want ton know if you can set up sub way sufers on my lg androe

  • Luna Mist

    my cousin has this game on her phone how many people have it

  • Rawr Dawg

    Hey I don't know if any of you can help me, but my guy runs so slow in the beginning and on my friend's iphone he runs way faster at the beginning than on my android, any solutions?

    • Letícia Torres

      If you find the answer, tell me, please.

  • Tabatha Steffey Lovell

    This is a fun game but there are a few things that need to be changed like others have mentioned such as unlocking characters!! Crazy!! Outrageous to be exact! Quick way to make this game one of the least fav Idevice games of all time!! I understand they did that in order to give goals that would take a while to accomplish but seriously these are MORE LIKE IMPOSSIBLE!! And the price of power ups are equally lame!! Too bad coulda been great!!!!

  • Steve Cooke

    Does anyone know what the globes that appear every now and then do?  I've collected a couple but nothing seems to happen!

  • JosetteV

    Has anyone ever had their game reset its self?  I had 23 Hoverboard, 4 radios away from getting Fresh and 30 away from getting Spike when the game throw me out.

  • Kyle Briskie

    my samsung galaxy y sayd it isnt compatible with my version of android it can be used on 2.3.3 and up ive got 2.6.6 whats wrong with it

  • Dre

    Try putting your phone in airplane mode and it seems to run a lot smoother. 😀

  • Michele Thompson-Hutchinson

    this is the best game i ever had so is temple run2

  • lalith

    can i get refund because i purchased coins using itunes unknowingly

    • Guest

      plz reply me its urgent

  • Tayyab Sohail

    Loved the review. The elements of detail added are simply worth praising. Do check this review.

  • gabby

    it wont let me play

  • JoshuaAuerbach


    1) unlink and delete the app in facebook

    2) uninstall the app from your phone

    3) write an email to SUPPORT @ KILOO . COM
    (the creators of Subway Surfers)

    - copy paste this message in your email

    "I would like to reset my score and everything. I have deleted the app from facebook and also uninstalled the app from my cellphone."

    4) they will reply to you in 24 business hours with instructions. FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS and keep checking your email as they will communicate with you 3 times over the course of 3 days.

  • Nish Soni

    Major bug with this game which has been acknowledged bu the developers is That for no reason it.crashes and wipes out everything that you have collected. This pointless to play and collect charecters and power ups etc. Once this happens there is nothing you can do! So decent game but pointless due to bugs

  • Arch Stanton

    A word to the wise, stop buying garbage off Google Play.
    My 9 year old discovered that downloading Subway Surfers and a
    reoccurring $19.99 a month bill for coins on MY phone bill.
    I had everything blocked over this scam.

Subway Surfers Reviewed by Talor Berthelson on . Rating: 4