Microsoft might have something really hip coming down the pipes for Xbox Live users with iOS devices. Various tech outlets have been reporting on a project called "Smart Glass," a supposed Xbox 360 companion app that will, essentially, give the console the ability to stream content to phones of all kinds and tablets. Spicing this up rumor up, Kotaku is reporting that Smart Glass is an internal name for a project that'll ultimately be called Xbox Live Companion, and its streaming feature will extend to games after you download the app on your device of choice.

Here's an example of how Xbox Live Companion will work with games from the Kotaku post:

An example we heard from this source was Halo 4: start playing the game on Xbox 360 and, if you've got XBLC on your phone or tablet, it will become a Halo 4 companion application. Turn the game off and switch to something else that the app supports and it suddenly becomes your companion for that game.

Of note, players will also supposedly be able to get smaller chunks of content like, say, in-game maps streamed to their devices if studios choose to support Xbox Live Companion. This is similar to what Nintendo is doing with Wii U, minus the users' need for a bulky and incredibly specific controller.

Kotaku says Microsoft might announce this at E3, but it also might not. So, it'll be a bit before we know for sure if Xbox Live Companion is an actual thing. It sounds like a dream, though, doesn't it?

UPDATE: This is an actual thing! Check out our update here.

[via Kotaku]

  • Rob Geeson

    Did you just say 'hip'?!

    • swarmster

      lol, between this, the article below, and the podcast, it seems to be Brad's new go-to for describing console-stuff-that-is-vaguely-interesting.

  • Tommy

    That sounds pretty baller. I sure wouldn't mind not having to pause to look at the map in the GTAs, Saints Rowses and Fallouts and such.

    • swarmster

      Yeah, I always wondered why existing "companion" apps were so non-useful, but I guess it was an infrastructure limitation. Good to see there might be a workaround on the way, so apps can actually feel like they relate to their games.

  • laxking97

    It's been confirmed now.

    • TouchGamePlay

      Nothing was mentioned about XBox iOS at the Showfloor that is currently going on.

      Only Windows 8 Mobil will profit from that. I don`t see a Connection between what was shown on the Show and what was suggested that could happen on Kotaku and here.Does anyone have more Information about the XBox360 iOS thing because otherwise we can easily call it Bogus.

      • laxking97

        Watch at about 1:42:00 it says 'Your Windows and Windows Phones, your iPhone and iPad, or Android devices'.

  • Rirath

    Like everything on the 360, it'll probably require a Gold subscription for no good reason. I have nothing against the Xbox 360, but I don't play multiplayer, and even if I did I wouldn't do it on Xbox Live.  Just a hunch.

  • Rirath