Better late than never: the official companion app for Red Storm's Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Ghost Recon Network [Free], is now out and available on the App Store. With it, you can modify your weapon loadouts, check online stats, and even fiddle with your Squad stuff without having to touch the proper game. In a later update, you'll be able to do even more, including check friends' stats and access Challenges. Sweet, right?

One catch: in order to get all of this, you've got to connect a uPlay account to your copy of Future Soldier. The easiest way to go about this is to create a uPlay account in the game and then link it through the official GRN web site on your computer. The app's functionality for this specific task is... bad at best, much like all of the its UI. But, whatever: stats and weapon switching on the go! How futuristic.

  • Carter M

    But not out for Mac OS X!!! 🙁

  • SomeRandomJerk

    I guess, you can quit the app and do it on a web browser. If youve played past ubisoft games, then there's a chance youve already created an account at some point.

  • lolshin

    There's a companion app for Ghost Recon, but not for Diablo. Ok. I see how it is.