In the midst of the two year anniversary celebration of Halfbrick's Fruit Ninja [$1.99 / Free] which includes a huge new update hitting the App Store sometime tomorrow, the Australian developer hasn't forgotten about their five o'clock shadow-wearing bad ass Barry Steakfries, star of such iOS titles as Monster Dash [Free], Age of Zombies [$0.99 / Free], and Jetpack Joyride [Free]. They've just released a new trailer revealing Flash the dog, a helpful sidekick for Barry who is coming to Jetpack Joyride in a future update.

As you can see, Flash is a helpful pup, grabbing coins for Barry and riding along in his own doggy versions of the various vehicles in the game. Also part of this update is the new gadget the Dezapinator, which will cause some of the zappers in the game to fizzle out and fail, and the Turbo Boost which will drop rings that explosively propel your forward. Finally, new DJ Headphones are available in the shop and offer up a remixed techno version of the game's music.

The only bummer is we don't know just when this update for Jetpack Joyride is going to hit, but we imagine it will be really soon, and in the meantime you can get back to trying to teach your dog how to use a jetpack.

Update: Via Halfbrick's Twitter (and the astute commenters below) both updates are coming out today.

Updated update: All the updates are now available!

  • csgbroseph

    Awesome! I can't wait.

  • Jeffrey Casel

    I wish they release some new jetpacks and costumes.

  • kevin vein

    They are saying "Huge updates are coming to Fruit Ninja AND Jetpack Joyride TODAY!" on their FB page, and since they are Austrian developers, it probably means some time tomorrow. 

  • Joseph Moore

    The update is due out today (Australia). Confirmed on the Jetpack Joyride app page on Facebook.

  • Tesarect

    Merits a redownload!

  • Adams Immersive

    That’s a lot new in very little time!

    I’m glad I played this game early and can experience each of these additions as it gets layered on. I think that’s even more fun then picking up the game now, with everything already there and waiting to be unlocked.

  • regkilla

    the little dog is awesome!

  • cheezypretzl

    I have almost 200 aps

  • Riserock

    I love this version. See a dog on a bird and on a dragon is just epic. And the new song with te headphones sounds really great!

  • Playfo

    that dog is awesome! 🙂

  • Konakuer