This week has been pretty awesome for me so far, so it'd only make sense that we're getting some awesome games out of the ol' App Store games spigot this evening. I'm chomping at the bit so hard for Defender Chronicles II that I… I don't know, whatever happens to you when you chomp on a bit too hard. The first game was great and I'm expecting big things from the sequel.

Anyway, like all Wednesdays, all of these games should be available at 11:00 PM Eastern. If you follow us on Twitter, I usually blast out a tweet around that time reminding everyone too.

Air Mail, $4.99 - Forum Thread - Judging by the trailer, this game looks bananas. (B.A.N.A.N.A.S. for you Gwen Stefani fans out there.) I seem to love everything that involves a biplane, the graphics look great, and hopefully the story of the game is as cool as the trailer makes it sound.

Bee Leader, 99¢ - Forum Thread - This game might just have the best trailer I've seen in quite a while. The way they built the text into the actual gameplay? That's super clever. iOS developers, take note!

Defender Chronicles II, $2.99 - Forum Thread - We had our pepperoni-greased hands all over this game not too long ago. The original was great, and I'm fairly confident this game is going to soak up the rest of my week.

Extreme Skater, 99¢ / HD - Forum Thread - The latest game from the guys at Miniclip. I had a chance to spend some time with it at GDC, and it's a fun twist on something that vaguely resembles an auto-runner with a skateboard mechanic and levels.

Golf Squared, 99¢ / HD - Forum Thread - These sort of 2D golf games always seem to be a ton of fun on the iPhone, so it's not that big of a leap to assume that Golf Squared will be good too.

Iniesta Vs Casillas, Free - Forum Thread - Download this free soccer shootout game and never stop scoring goals against Madrid. Like, ever.

Sakura Slash, Free - Forum Thread - A free game from Gamevil that seems vaguely similar to Fruit Ninja with a samurai-style twist.

Shoot the Zombirds, 99¢ - Forum Thread - A slick looking shooter with an oddly off-season Halloween-style theme?

Sky Gnomes: Battles, Free - Forum Thread - We're huge fans of Sky Gnomes proper, and this turn-based standalone racing game seems pretty rad as well.

Slingshot Racing - Forum Thread - Remember Rocket Jockey? Well, take that similar mechanic and apply it to a racing game. Sounds good to me.

Subway Surfers, Free - Forum Thread - This looks to be a Temple Run-style endless runner, but set on some subway tracks. That seems… Really dangerous!

Tiny Plane, 99¢ - Forum Thread - Remember what I said earlier about biplanes? Yeah, that applies here too. Looks great.

Virtua Tennis Challenge, $4.99 - Forum Thread - A Virtual Tennis game for iOS devices with gesture controls? Ree-hee-hee-healy. I'm so in.

  • Scott

    Felt the vibrate, knew it was coming...the best post of the week and the one I always look forward to!

    There's a couple good ones tonight that I'm picking up.

    Shoot The Zombirds,
    Air Mail,
    and of course Defender Chronicles II

  • James Lamar

    Empire of the Eclipse is (finally) going tonight as well!  Really looking forward to it!

    • Scott

      Oh that's right!  I forgot about that one!

  • Andrew Ryan Singer

    Bee Leaders
    Subway Surfers

  • Andrew Ryan Singer

    Also Infinity Blade 2 Update tonight.

    • ManuD

      I think that's for tomorrow.

      • Drewskii

        Oh. Ok. I usually associate these releases with Thursday anyways but I see your point.

  • Flynn Taggart

    Virtua Tennis looks amazing but I want to hear how it controls first.

    • Jay

       Yeah!  I was really impressed by the fluidity of the animations.  If there's one thing that consistently sucks about 3D games for mobile devices it's the choppy animations.  VT seems a step in the right direction in that regard.

  • RoyXR-09

    Y yo esperando Infinity Blade Dungeon para lo q falta del mes, y dijeron q salia este mes y ya para proximo miercoles ya es junio !!!!q clases de juegos mierdas ahy en esta semena!!!!

    • TouchGamePlay

      No ha habido todavía una fecha de lanzamiento anunciada por Epic Games. Usted tendrá que seguir waitining o similares que juegan Diablo 3.

  • ImJPaul

    A. Why are people speaking in Spanish? I don't like secrets.
    B. No really excited for anything this week. Might pick up Air Mail if I get really bored.
    C. Infinity Blade 2 and Fruit Ninja updates tonight or tomorrow. Pumped!
    And finally
    D. I wish Republique would hurry up and release.

    • Metroview

      A. lol

    • regkilla

      No secrets were said

    • Lamar Taylor

      You are right...there are no secrets. Cut and paste with Googe translate and you will know exactly what was said lol.

      • regkilla


    • taragon99

      Pienso que hablan en español porque ellos quieran hablar sobre sus problemas.

      Wow my Spanish is bad today.

  • Clyndon

    I guess you missed one special item here:  Autumn Dynasty. That's my pick-up of the week.

    • TouchGamePlay

      Autumn Dynasty is what Total War should have been from the beginning on iOS! I`m sure Eli didn`t post it since he was busy with actually playing it while he was creating this News.

      • regkilla

        Where is Autumn Dynasty?

  • robmerrell

    Bee Leader has flown (bad pun, I know) completely under my radar. Looks interesting though, so I'm going to pick it up.

  • JCat_NY

    Wow! Air Mail looks pretty interesting - much more than the name applies, and Defender Chronicles II - instA!

    • TouchGamePlay

      It will literally make you go B.A.N.A.N.A.S. Specially if you own an New iPad 😀

  • Jamushroom

    Too bad "Subway Surfers" isn't in the Dutch App Store. Looks like a fun game!

    • TouchGamePlay

      Should be there in the next couple of two Hours

  • Matt F

    Bee Leader and Tiny Plane for me
    And also came out yesterday Hippo Gum, looks fun

  • Paul Kuhr

    Ummm... Am I the only one who noticed the swastika in Sakura Slash?

    • Retronaut42

      I was looking through the trailers, and checked the comments to see if anyone else noticed it, too. Yeah, what the hell?

  • bigrand1

    Slingshot Racing, Crash Mayhem, and Virtual Tennis are on my list tonight! Subway Surfers is a no-brainer since I helped test it and KNOW it's out-o-site! Really fun, and really addictive!

  • Flightless

    Thanks for featuring our trailer for Bee Leader!
    // Greg & John, Flightless

  • Gabriel_Voyager

    You forget Autumn Dinasty, for me the best of the week 🙂

  • csgbroseph

    Wow, what an amazing week of releases. I hope they all play as well as they look. I'm looking forward to reviews!

  • swarmster

    As far as I saw, none of the descriptions or videos mentioned iCloud support. But I know the developer of Slingshot Racing claimed support on a previous article here, so there may be a stealth GIRU game or two out there this week.

    Kind of disappointing, though. With the long weekend coming up, probably a lot of people will only have their phones around. It's lame to force them to lose all that progress if they get back and switch to the iPad.

  • Drexiel Tempest

    Dr Cox wrote the last line I'm assuming?

  • bacon-N-eggs

    Grabbing tiny plane, bee leader, and extreme skate for sure! Also grabbing a few others in that big sale!! 😀

  • regkilla

    Air Mail looks fantastic!

  • m101101

    Virtual Tennis thump up 🙂

  • regkilla

    Fruit Ninja: Puss In Boots just got updated also. Why no mention of it?

  • friv

    Voy a compartir con mis amigos. Espero que muchas personas también tienen afición lo mismo que yo.

  • nomster

    ooh - Virtua Tennis represents the first game I want that is NOT supported on my iPhone or iPad. (3GS & iPad 1)

    Hmmm - knew the time was coming... sob.

    On a lighter note, I like the look of Bee Leader - and the fact that the embedded google ad in video included for Pest Control and honey based sweets. Nice meta-data!

  • abodi

    It is "champing at the bit" not "chomping"

  • kizi3

    With the long weekend coming up, probably a lot of people will only have their phones around.

  • cavang
  • kizi4

    Click Play Now

  • pokemon2


  • pokemon2


  • Yepi Friv

    Sky Gnomes: Battles, Free - Forum Thread - We're huge fans of Sky Gnomesproper, and this turn-based standalone racing game seems pre

  • Friv 2

    Very kool games...I love all of them

  • Yepi

    Wow, what an amazing week of releases. I hope they all play as well as they look. I'm looking forward to reviews!

  • kizi friv

    I like angry birds games

  • Y8

    This article has inspired me to be a better writer.

  • Friv 4

    I like adventure games and explore. thank you

  • Kizi Love

    what an amazing week of releases. I hope they all play as well as they look.