Frequent updates to Fieldrunners [$2.99 / HD] over the past few years has kept the tower defense title feeling fresh despite its age, but its upcoming sequel looks like the kind of continuation we've been dying for. Dozens new towers, new skills, new maps, new modes and new enemies are all part of Fieldrunners 2, which is due out on iPhone later this June and iPad "shortly after" this initial release.

The original Fieldrunners was an excellent tower defense game that managed to stick out because of some really sharp twists. From what we've seen so far, Fieldrunners 2 is going to push that bar even further, and that's really exciting.

Here's some screens:

  • Daniel Brown

    This is such an amazing game, one of my first buys on the app store, even after countless other tower defense games this one still remains on the top of the pile. I can't wait for the second one to come out, instabuy for sure.

    • Alec Shobin

      Thanks for the love! Can't wait to get Fieldrunners 2 into your hands 🙂

  • danieljcf

    "Frequent updates"? The freaking game for iPad is crawling with bugs and crashes and didn't receive an update.. 

    • Alec Shobin

      Rest assured that Fieldrunners 2 will be super polished at launch! 

      • danieljcf

        Nice to know 🙂 FR was the first game I bought for my iPod touch 2g, and FR HD was one of the first for my iPad 1g. Really liked the multiplayer on the same iPad. Will FR2 have more mp maps?

      • Alec Shobin

        Thanks for your support! Unfortunately, we don't currently have plans for mp maps in the intial release, but anything could happen between now and then 🙂  Good to know that it's something folks are interested in!

  • evilsearch

    The first one was one of the best TD on the appstore. But kingdom rush replace its first place already. Lets see what the sequel offer.

    • Alec Shobin

      Kingdom Rush is really a fantastic TD game - we play it all the time in the office.  Great to see so many awesome TD games in the App Store at the same time.  Fieldrunners 2 builds on our classic "build your own maze" approach which makes it a little different than Kingdom Rush.  Interesting to see all these different genres of TD showing up.  We hope you enjoy our game 🙂

  • Rirath

    Hey, I really enjoy Field Runners - but what were the "really sharp twists"?  Am I just forgetting something?  I thought it was popular because of production value.  Otherwise seemed like mostly the standard TD formula.

    FR2 screens look stellar, though.

    • Alec Shobin

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the original Fieldrunners! The "build your own maze" mechanic was relatively new ish at the time.  We've expanded that ten fold in Fieldrunners 2 by allowing every single enemy unit to create its own optimal path through the battlefield.  Now, you really need to plan for swarms of enemies that can run in any direction instead of the old guys that only moved in single file lines.  Besides that, I think you'll find the "really sharp twists" you're looking for in Fieldrunners 2 🙂 

      • Laszlo Tuss

        I missed the original version(s) because they are expensive, but with the new path finding algorithm make it very interesting, so i will definitely buy the second one.
        But please, say that the iPad only versions will have a lot of differences to normal version ( bigger maps, split screen coop and versus).

      • Alec Shobin

        Sorry to hear you missed the original, Laszlo, but I hope you can check out Fieldrunners 2 to get some one on one time with our new pathing system.  It might be worth mentioning that the original Fieldrunners is going on sale this Thursday, so that could be the perfect opportunity for you to pick up a copy without breaking the bank.  We want to stay tight lipped about the iPad version, but we'll be announcing more information about that version soon.  Stay tuned!

  • regkilla

    This looks promising!

    • Alec Shobin

      Thank you! We hope you like it 😀

  • Tyler Piderit

    Looks amazing! Can't wait. I actually just reinstalled Field Runners again and started playing. I remember dumping tons of hours into it on my iPhone 3G haha. Stoked for this one!

    • Alec Shobin

      Most excellent!  Hope you enjoy passing the time until release with the original Fieldrunners.  

  • Tower Defender

    Another great td to put on my waiting list. Played the original one to death. Was also my first game on an apple product and got me into the genre.

    • Alec Shobin

      Awesome! Can't wait to show you Fieldrunners 2.  We'll be announcing more bits and details over the coming weeks, so keep checking back for more news!

  • steven0451

    Awesome! I really loved fieldrunners on my iPhone when it first came out, like many others it was my first purchase as well. I hope you guys guys can have as much success with the sequel. 🙂

    • Alec Shobin

      Thank you, that's quite a compliment! We hope you like Fieldrunners 2 even more than the original!

  • Jonathan Sherman

    Super exciting. Fieldrunners was and still is my favorite game on my iPhone. Will there be a way to have the maps from Fieldrunners on sequal? It will be a bummer to have both apps on my homescreen instead of just one fieldrunners app, but I can live. Also will there be new and old towers too?  

    • Alec Shobin

      Hey Jonathan! We've got some special surprises about old maps coming into Fieldrunners 2, so stay tuned 🙂 As for the towers, we've made a few modifications to them all, but for the most part, all the original towers will be a part of our new lineup.  And the new lineup is huge 🙂

  • NPeart

    Aa! Looks nice. I didn't like the openess of the first game. Looks like this is alternating with open fields and restricted paths that I like more.

    • Alec Shobin

      Glad you like the looks of our new game! Fieldrunners 2 does have a combination of fixed and open path maps, as well as what we call hybrid maps where the two styles combine.  Definitely give the game a shot when it launches in June!

      • NPeart

         Woah! The hybrid maps sounds like a very good idea!

      • Alec Shobin

        We're very excited about this new map style, too! Hope you like it 🙂

  • RickyBrooke

    Hi this looks great I loved the first and still play it but can I request a 'campaign mode' where you unlock levels or progress through a world map? I love having a goal to aim towards while playing tower defense games and this could beat the Sentinel games if a decent long campaign mode was added....

    • Alec Shobin

      Hey Ricky!  This was a concern of ours as well.  As you'll see, we've got an epic world map for players to progress through.  It's a true campaign mode that includes exactly what you're looking for 🙂  Can't wait to hear what you think of Fieldrunners 2 when it comes out in June!

      • Rirath

        Campaign mode sounds great - thanks for all the updates.

  • volkan

    Filedrunners ipad version is a bit expensive for me. I hope there'll be a price drop after second one is released..

    • AlecShobin

      Stay tuned 🙂 We're participating in the sale this Thursday, so you might see a Fieldrunners for iPad sale even earlier than you'd hoped!

    • AlecShobin

      Have you heard of  It's a sale coordinated by a few developers and it runs from tomorrow, May 24th to June 1st.  It just so happens that the original Fieldrunners will be on sale in this promotion starting tomorrow, so you should definitely take a look 🙂

    • AlecShobin

      It just so happens that the original Fieldrunners will be on sale starting tomorrow!  It's part of the sale organized but a bunch of different developers.  

  • jonathanjk

    Fieldrunners was excellent when it first came out. I think it's easily been surpassed by Kingdom Rush. We shall see.

    • Alec Shobin

      Kingdom Rush was really a fantastic TD game (and the devs are great too!).  We've certainly got our work cut out for us with Fieldrunners 2!  I hope you take some time to check it out when it launches in June 🙂

  • Tom Wang

    Please please please include MP maps on the iPad version.  I spend countless hours dueling and co-op with my wife.  I would instabuy FR2 if it will include multiplayer.  

  • iMario

    Fieldrunners will always be in our hearts since iOS gaming / App Store. It's just one of those games in the right direction.


    • Alec Shobin

      Thank you!

  • MrMLK

    Does anyone know what kind of IAP this is going to have? i don't mind paying upfront and I am happy to pay for maps, but I don't deal games where you have to pay to play.

  • Christophe Noël

    To me, part of original game success was its simplicity (only a few maps, only a few towers...) which allowed Subatomic studio to build an incredibly balanced game. I hope that they managed to preserve this despite what seems to look like a "feature madness". Can't wait to see 😉

    • Alec Shobin

      Good point! I think the additional towers and maps (as well as other mechanics like items and directed attacks) give people the opportunity to play the game the way they want to.  If you want a casual experience, you got it, but the new features also allow hardcore fans to dig quite a bit deeper than what was possible in the original Fieldrunners.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised if you check out Fieldrunners 2 when it launches in June 🙂

  • Adrian Fishler

    I have always loved Fieldrunners....I have it on my psp, and my Droid 4. But when will we see Fieldrunners 2 on Android? It seems odd to not release them simultaneously

    • Alec Shobin

      Thanks for the kind words about Fieldrunners!  Of course, we would have loved to do the simultaneous release, but moving forward with one platform at a time allows us to make each version more suitable for that specific platform.  So, the plan is to launch on iOS first, and then start exploring additional platforms (like Android, Steam, PSN, etc).  We apologize for the delay but appreciate your patience - in the end, it will mean that each platform gets a custom tailored version that meshes flawlessly with the tech available on that platform.  

  • athbarooh


  • Engin Dzhemil

    Hello, I am very excited about Fieldrunners 2. I literally can't wait for it, but I’d really like to see multiplayer maps, I’ve been playing the first Fieldrunners with my friends at school and it's amazing, it's more fun when you play with others. I think a lot of people will look for this feature before buying like me(especially if the price is high like the first game).  Also I think there should be multiplayer between two iDevices it will be great (maybe something like in Flight Control) there will be more space for each player to build mazes. And can you tell an ETA for the iPad version. 
    Sorry for the long post. Thank you for the great games you are creating!

  • Maria Kotlyar

    This is great! Can't wait to get it. Please add another multiplayer maps!