After making a splash on the App Store earlier this year with their quirky and stylish skydiving title AaAaAA! (Force = Mass x Acceleration) [$3.99], Dejobaan Games has hinted on their website at what their next mobile release is going to be.

Teaming up with Radial Games, the original creators of the Steambirds games on Flash, the new collaboration project is called Monster Loves You! and aims to be an engaging virtual pet-like experience with much more RPG-like depth than what’s currently available.

Dejobaan asked Radial Games’ Andy Moore a bit about Monster Loves You!, including why he was motivated to create a new Tamagotchi-style game: “I think the closest I’ve really come to playing an enjoyable ‘pet’ game is The Sims 2, which was an excellent title but just demands WAY too much of my time. I want a similar experience – something with all that drama, character development, and ups and downs… but that I can play on the toilet.”

That’s certainly something I can get behind, Andy. I’ve always been intrigued by the notion of carrying around a little virtual creature that lives on my device, and there’s been some neat efforts in this area on iOS but nothing that’s really grabbed me and drew me in. With Dejobaan’s fantastic sense of humor and Radial Games' drive to create a meaningful experience, I’m definitely curious to see more from Monster Loves You! in the near future.