One of the world's best CCGs on mobile, Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer [$.99], is now better looking and it's packing more content. In a recent update, developer Incinerator Studios added retina support for iPad, as well as three new IAP card packs -- Return of the Fallen, Storm of Souls, and an aptly named promotional pack called Promo Pack 1. It has also dropped in an "in-app purchase" manager, which allows you to restore, as well as buy, cards from within the app.

If this sounds good, go ahead and update Ascension. You'll notice some new tweaks, too: fast-app switching is now supported and a new 28-day online game timer round out what is sounding like a pretty sweet update for the game's most dedicated fans. It's nice when this happens, right?

  • Olivernelson

    The hype this game gets is astounding. Deleted it a few days after purchase. One of the most boring, repetitive, simple card games I have ever seen. Why doesn't someone bring 'netrunner' to IOS?

  • Tony Cheng

    I mean, it's no MTG, but I find it to be a great solitaire game. Great way to kill time on a commute

    • Crunchewy

      You're right that it's no MTG, but to me that's a good thing. I don't like collectible card games much. Also this is an awesome asynch online game.

    • bonesquad

      Ascension is perfect for the iOS platform. Enough tactics to make you think, but light weight and quick enough that you can take turns in multiple games over the course of a day/week without feeling lost. Plus it is a very polished app, and all the expansions add a ton of variety to the game now as you mix and match them.

      Ascension isn't the deepest game and has a significant luck factor, but maybe even because of that it's a ton of fun.

  • Crunchewy

    I love this game and it's even better with the update and new expansions. Lots of improvements are also in the update. I particularly like how it now zooms up cards your opponent buys/kills, which makes it easier to follow what is going on.

  • Dan Diemer

    I can't seem to get online multiplayer working. I have 5 friends in GameCenter that are listed as owning it, but if I go start an online game none of them show up in the player list. Am I doing it wrong?

  • PallaZ

    The last update added everything i've missed:
    More winningpoints
    GC achievements
    More cards
    Saving game settings

    Really cool game

    • PallaZ

      Quick question: why can i post comments from the TA app with my TA forum account, but not on the TA website?

  • UnSurreal

    Warning - you can't combine all 3 sets together. 

    A post from BGG from Tom Vasel:

    "I was very excited about this, as I love playing Ascension when standing in line, etc.

    But the fact that you can't combine the sets is annoying, at best. I wouldn't have bought the expansion if I had known this was the case. I don't want a variant, I want an expansion.

    I mix them at home, and have no problems.

    If you did it because of possible server limitations, then let us do it offline! That's where I play 99.99% of my games, anyway.

    If you did it because the new cards would be diluted - who cares? - let US make the decision.

    I bought the expansion, and it's fun, and I'm glad to have variety. But I feel like I was fooled, and I honestly wouldn't have plunked money down because of the incompatibility." 

    • rodgerodger

      I was disappointed you can't combine SoS with the original CotG deck (you can combine either with RotF and/or the promo pack), but I don't see it as a deal breaker. I'd still buy the expansions now knowing that. I think Tom is overreacting a bit:)

      • Crunchewy

        Agreed. But they should let you do it for the heck of it, offline. Maybe they'll add it in an update. They also need to fix a bug with offline play vs AI, because in one game one AI got super duper slow, taking 10 seconds between moves. They'd play a card, wait 10 seconds or so, play another etc. And the animations were stuttery too. Quitting back to the menu and reloading it fixed it, but only until their next turn. After I finally finished that game up, though, the next one worked without a hitch.

      • Jacob Gehman

         It only does that when your opponent has a turn which requires a lot of decisions. I think it could--and should--be sped up, but it isn't random.

    • StVincent

      The devs apparently had some issues with some weird bugs/exploits in the mixed CotG and SoS sets. From what I understand, it's coming.

      Anyway, I still agree that it is a bit too random, but then again, it is still fun and dominion and thunderstone will be out soon!

  • Jason

    To the author: Ascension is not a CCG.  CCG stands for collectible card game.  Assassin's Creed: Recollection and Shadow Era are CCG's.  Ascension is not.  It's an important distinction b/c Ascension requires nothing besides the app/expansion purchases to play, whereas with the other games you have to buy packs and singles, etc.  The genre to which Ascension belongs is referred to as "deck building games."

    Anyway, you guys have the best iOS site on the internet, keep it up!

  • karmarogue

    Author - this game is not a CCG.  CCG stands for collectible card game - games where you collect booster backs and build custom decks etc.

  • Cat Astrophy

    I play Magic like a non-CCG by playing fan-made versions that have all the cards w/o having to go through that BS of needing thousands of dollars to use any strategy you want

  • Ruud Kool

    Great news! 
    Now all we need is that super-duper Dominion app we've heard so much about...

  • Claudio Bruno

    I have a problem with the game. I bought the latest expansion and it is flagged as ''owned'' The background on the main menùchanges but when I start a game I can't select the expansion... 

    • sagek

      When you create a new game, simply activate one or both sets by clicking on their icons... they are small and don't stand out but they are there 😉