Last week we updated you on the status of Defender Chronicles II, the long-awaited sequel to the hit 2009 strategy defense game Defender Chronicles [$1.99 / $4.99 (HD)]. Today, we’ve learned the release date for the new game and it’s set to hit in just a couple of weeks, on May 24th. In addition, a new trailer has been released.

We’ve been playing an early build of Defender Chronicles II and will have a hand-on preview for you shortly, but without spoiling too much if you were a fan of the original then we think you’ll be in for a treat. And if you missed out on Defender Chronicles the first time around, this new release will be a great time to jump on board.

Stick around for our preview of Defender Chronicles II and mark your calendars down for a May 24th release.

  • Pavelbure

    Can't wait.

  • Peter Tarricone

    Thanks for the video of the Death Worm update. 😉

    • Adams Immersive

      Yes, the new Defender Chronicles seems to have a strong “Death Worm” kind of vibe. Can’t put my finger on it.

  • moonwax

    Yeah a video of the actual trailer would be good ☺

  • MidianGTX

    I've been beta testing this (pretty badly I must admit, sorry devs, problems at home), and it's absolutely wonderful. If you sunk hours and hours into the first game, you'll sink even more into this one, and the (iPhone) retina-compatible artwork is beautiful. Blows every other TD variation out of the water if you ask me.

  • Be-Rad

    "Death Chronicles Worm Defender II"

  • Jared Nelson

    Oops, sorry guys! Correct trailer has been added. Although, a Death Worm Defender Chronicles hybrid game sounds pretty sick... 🙂

  • Rirath

    Interested... though I must admit, the ending of the first Defender Chronicles had me scratching my head.  Never really was quite sure if I had beat the game or not.

  • Tyler Piderit

    No questions asked. Buying this immediately when its avail!

  • Joshua Taylor

    Here's hoping they'll fix the 3 glaring issues with the original:
    1. Randomly insanely difficult stages mixed in with normal difficulty stages.
    2. A mind numbing grinding system to obtain good gear.
    3. Worst. iPad. port. ever.

    • Plast2

      Well, the war of Athelia goes on in various parts of the kingdom, both above ground as well as belov. Some are more difficult than others, but such is war 🙂
      There are 6 different shops in Defender Chronicles II, each of them serves different purposes. Each shop is also geared towards its related hero and their reputation. I think you'll like it. But it is a RPG/TD game, and as such loot and hunting artifacts and cool gear is still an essential part of the game.And this one is a universal build. - It looks equally stunning on both iPad and iPhone/iTouch. And those with Retina Display will love it!

  • Adams Immersive

    Looks great! I like how you can see the ground surface now—a little more 3D.

    (Anyone remember the goofy original voices DC had when it first came out, which were later replaced? I miss those...)

  • Ahiru Nakamura

    man I'll have a hard time deciding whether to play this or diablo 3 later this month...

  • Ahiru Nakamura

    just a question for those who already played the beta, does it feature game center? or open feint?? or any achievements system at all??

    • Matt Paula

      It has gamecenter leaderboards and achievements, no OF.

    • menaragames

      Has 96 achievements, 17 leaderboards and achievements also unlocks abilities / new elite unit.

      • Ahiru Nakamura

        thanks for the replies guys!! yay game center is what i wished for anyways!!!

  • Graeme Nash

    I often get impatient waiting for PS3/360 games that I'm particularly looking forward to... This may be the first time I've had that giddy excitement about an iOS game, much as I love gaming on the iPad.

  • lucrezio87

    The sequel of my favourite TD.. Can't wait!

  • Plast2

    iCloud will now be added to the first release as well 🙂

    • Plast2

      Sorry, jumped the gun on that on. It's sadly too late, if the release date is to be maintained. It will be in the first update though 🙂