It seems like the thing to do nowadays is release a mobile companion app for your big time AAA console release. Whether it’s the Call of Duty Elite app [Free], the Mass Effect 3 Datapad [Free], or the Dragon Shout app for Skyrim [Free], each offer a way to assist or otherwise immerse yourself further into a console or PC game using the second screen of your mobile device. It’s like the digital revolution of the strategy guide.

The newest of these companion apps is the Prototype 2 Official Sidekick [Free], which hit the App Store right around the time of the console game late last month. Prototype 2 is an open-world action game that received fair to positive reviews when it released.

The iOS companion app focuses mostly on allowing you to explore that large open world and aid you with finding all of the game’s collectibles. It will track your collection progress and you can filter out the specific parts of the world you’re interested in by zone or item type. Besides the maps and tracking, the app also contains additional in-depth information about the mutations in the game and how to get them.

The Prototype 2 Official Sidekick is free to download and lets you check out the map and features for the Yellow Zone in the console game. For a $1.99 in-app purchase you can unlock both of the additional Red and Green zones in the app. I haven’t given Prototype 2 a spin yet myself, but if it’s a game that you’re currently enjoying you might as well check out at least the free portion of the Prototype 2 Official Sidekick app.

  • Ryan Zecman

    It sucks for PC gaming that they aren't releasing it until july 24th. The only way it can be justified is if the dev is actually not creating a port from console. 

  • KrazyXP

    It kinda sucks that they didn't release this alongside the 360 launch. I completed the game a week ago and this app would have been pretty helpful!

  • Exhumed91

    Prototype 2 was a fun rental. Almost exactly like the first game though.