Ballistic SE [$1.99] and Fireball SE [$1.99] creator, Luke Schneider, has been porting another Xbox Live Indie Game to the iPhone and iPad. Inferno+, which features newer high resolution assets for retina screens, is coming later this month or earlier next. Luke dropped us a really awesome slow-motion teaser trailer that shows off a smidgen of the game's creative twin-stick action, which seeks to combine elements of Geometry Wars (!) with the structure of Gauntlet (!!).

Luke describes the trailer in his latest blog post, shedding some light on what he's trying to shoot for:

While the launch trailer will cover a lot more of what’s in Inferno+, for the teaser video above I only wanted to show a single quick sequence to give a taste of the game. Obviously it’s in slow motion, and zoomed in a bit, so I cheated a little, but I think that’s OK.

We've been pretty impressed with what Luke has released so far, so count us in for a day one download. Whenever we get a final build, we'll shoot you a review. Hah. Get it? It's a twin-stick shooter. We're going to shoot our thoughts at you... like you'd fire bullets in a shooter. We crack us up.

  • Matt F

    Radiangames = Instant buy

  • Adam Gibson

    This looks like yet another game I will buy first day.  The graphics look great.  If the gameplay does combine any type of gauntlet gameplay with geometry wars I am excited to play it.

  • Crunchewy

    I'll buy it, but I don't understand why they slowed the clip down. What was the point of that? I'd rather see how it moves full speed.

    • Adam Gibson

      Immediate thing that comes to mind is so that we can see the detail of the enemies and explosions.  I actually liked the slowdown but it would be great to see it both slowed down and full speed too.

  • Jay

    I bought everything by RadianGames, I'll buy this one, too 🙂

    All I ask, Luke, is that you make scores recordable without Game Center.  I don't care much for GC, and besides, without offline scoring, if I don't have a wifi connection it feels like the game is broken.  Please fix this! 

  • Fujibayashi

    three devs whose apps I will buy everytime on first day without question now: Cave, Llamasoft, and Radiangames. It's a good time to be an iOS gaming fan!