Say what you will about Gameloft, the developer occasionally does a good job of filling the App Store void with iOS versions of console staples. N.O.V.A. 3 [$6.99], the third game in the company’s perennial FPS series is one such title.  Capitalizing on the success of the previous two titles, as well as offering full support for the latest and greatest in Apple hardware, N.O.V.A. 3 offers a great action-packed single player experience complete with some very impressive visuals.

Following the never-ending trials and tribulations of Kal Warden, N.O.V.A. 3 continues the story as Warden is yet again recalled into action, this time to the ruins of San Francisco to aid an old friend. From there, you’ll travel to several more planets, a derelict ship, and even the home planet of the Volterites. I’ll save the spoilers for those of you that care about the story, but suffice to Kal gets tasked with saving the human race (again) from certain doom and will go through humans, Volterites and Judgers alike to accomplish that feat.

You’ll be saving humanity via gameplay that should be largely familiar for genre veterans. Like its predecessor, N.O.V.A. 3 has you exploring a wide variety of locales while battling enemy archetypes and hitting objective-marker based goals that shouldn’t offer much in terms of surprise. Also, you can expect the occasional break from the on-foot battle heroics by piloting Mechs, manning the weaponry on top of AI driven trucks and serving as sniper support for other NPCs. By now, it should be apparent that Gameloft has uncovered the formula for a successful FPS, and while N.O.V.A. 3 doesn’t offer much in terms of revolutionary gameplay, it certainly succeeds in what it does implement.

One interesting inclusion is an in-game store that offers unique weapons and upgrades that takes currency you earn by completing single player levels. It’s nice to see a system that actually provides rewards proportionally to how well you complete a level run. Unfortunately, the inclusion of IAP to bypass said currency collection lessens experience somewhat.

A well-done FPS is in some ways far more reliant on its controls than other genres. Thankfully, N.O.V.A. 3 works within its limitations to provide a competent scheme for a touch screen. The standard dual-stick controls are available, as well as generous use of a swipe gestures for swapping weapons and powers. I was particularly a fan of the gyroscope inclusion, as proper use of that option goes a long way towards making the game’s aiming accurate and fun.

N.O.V.A. 3 plays well on the iPhone, but I found the screen to be a bit cramped compared to the roomy iPad controls. Either way, a host of options such as auto-aim, attempt to help even touch-screen novices blast away with ease. While I imagine there are some folks that will never get used to touchscreen controls for an FPS, the fact remains that N.O.V.A. 3’s control schemes do a decent job of letting you take out baddies and navigate the environments with ease.

By the way, those environments you’ll be traversing across look absolutely gorgeous. N.O.V.A. 3 takes full advantage of the hardware offerings of the iPhone 4S and new iPad, which leads to one of the most visually impressive FPS titles I’ve played on iOS. The textures, weather and visual effects – even the shadows are all well done and simply stunning.

As nice as the game looks on the small scree, N.O.V.A. 3 begs to be played on a new iPad. The larger retina-display of the tablet lets you truly appreciate just how far the visuals have come in the series. The fact that the game manages to look this good while successfully running (for the most part) at a decent framerate is probably the most impressive accomplishment. Granted, there were a few mishaps with the graphics engine, such as a few instances of falling through environments, the occasional slowdown when there’s a lot of action on the screen and the unusually lengthy loading screens (that occasionally make you think the game crashed), but these do little to detract from what is an otherwise impressive visual system.

It would be easy to simply classify N.O.V.A. 3 as impressive eye candy and leave it at that, but Gameloft deserves credit for continuing the trend of creating a well-rounded FPS experience complete with a full story-driven campaign, a plethora of control and gameplay options and a balanced gameplay experience. We sometimes talk about games that possess that certain something that make them ideal for showcasing the might of iOS. I’d argue that, while N.O.V.A. 3 may not necessarily be at the top of that shortlist, it has enough going for it to warrant being close to such a classification.

This is part one of our two-part N.O.V.A. 3 review. In previous N.O.V.A. games, multiplayer played a very large component of how much our community enjoyed the game. With our early review copy, there obviously wasn't anyone to be found to play with online. As soon as the game is released, and we can spend some quality time with the multiplayer we'll post a follow-up focusing on the multiplayer aspects of N.O.V.A. 3.

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  • Nyan

    Just downloaded it, yay 🙂

  • Jdragoon19

    Great review, Eric! That was a good read! Looking forward to the multiplayer part of the review 🙂

  • chickdigger802

    So... no mention of actual gameplay? Gameloft games tend to have terrible level designs and encounters, which is why I've never finished any of them. 

    Has this gotten any better?

    • Declan466

      It has improved slightly, as in you have more variation in environments (eg you can go through different places in each encounter - eg you must kill these enemys to continue, but you have the option of climbing a building and sniping, or going all out on the street. Also, friendly AI that can actually do something is a welcome addition.

    • Exhumed91

      But...the graphics...the graphics got what plants crave.

  • Justin Shum

    WOW I've been waiting so long for this game that I totally forgot about it. SOOOOO PUMPED to play this!!!!

  • Vinvy

    This reads like an advertisement, I actually feel like nothing substantial was covered in any detail. Sound design, music, level design, AI, variety of levels/missions/enemies; how about something other than a glossy write up for a glossy game. I want to know what sets this apart from the last two installments, which had really mediocre single player campaigns. Is this one any good? Is there a tutorial? I don't care about the controls or the graphics or the history of gameloft, which seems to be all that was really covered in this; controls are a given, and graphics can be seen plane as day.

    Otherwise good review. 

    • Declan466

      Is plagued with issues. It's buggy as hell, no tutorials, slow, single players average. But hey, on the plus side the voice actings actually bearable now.

      • Mark

         well, except that the first 30 seconds of gameplay are the tutorial...

  • Heboi456

    Downloading it at The Moment 😀

  • Declan466

    I Agree with most of the review, with a few exceptions:
    -the controls aren't as good. Sorry, but while they get the job done, the tight controls of the previous 2 games clearly trump the current ones.
    -the multiplayer is while decent, the maps are far too large for 12 people. Think roughly battlefront size maps with 12 people playing, no AIs or flying vehicles.
    -the visuals are good, but some models look VERY jagged on a non-retina screen.
    -saying the game has ragdoll physics in the app description is a bit cheeky too, as far as I can see it looks identical to before - enemies die with a set animation, then dissolve on the floor in seconds. Come to think of it, ANY AI in the game, friendly or not are non solid, and while this sounds like a minor thing, there's nothing remotely as frustrating as lining up a perfect sniper shot, only to have your AI buddy run though you and take the bullet. They don't even have the decency to die when you shoot them like this.

    • Eric Ford

      It's a shame you had issues with the AI. There was one instance in the second map where they sorta just sat around, but other than that, my AI companions actually offered real assistance which was a surprise. 

      As for the visuals, you make a good point which I should address: I reviewed the game on my devices, which are a 4S and new iPad. Unfortunately, I don't have any earlier devices so it's kinda tough for me to discuss any potential issues. Thankfully, folks like you and the rest of the community do a great job of filling in the gaps.

  • brendan kirk

    " N.O.V.A. 3 takes full advantage of the hardware offerings of the iPhone 4S and new iPad"

    Since the 4S is no more powerful than the iPad 2 then I assume that (once again) the only advantage to playing it on the new iPad is a resolution boost which means very little in 3D titles. I'm sick of fanboy tech sites and game reviewers insinuating that you don't get the best performance out of anything but the brand new shiny thing Apple has tried to force down our throats. There hasn't been ONE game that has shown any more advancement in visual effects on the new iPad over the iPad 2 and from what I've seen it's actually a detriment to the framerate in titles like this. I wish more people would own up to this instead of being a walking, breathing advertisement for Apple.

    This whole article reads like a commercial.

    • Eric Ford

      I beg to differ, while playing the game on the new iPad may simply mean a 'resolution boost,' I think you're underestimating just what a heightened resolution does to the overall experience. Despite what some folks may think, having better visuals DOES matter, and while there is the occasional framerate hiccup, I didn't think it was horrid. 

      As for using the latest hardware to review, that's simply what I have available for me when playing.

      • brendan kirk

        Maybe I wasnt clear. My entire point was lack of visual enhancements BEYOND resolution which it's constantly insinuated the new iPad excels at , which it doesn't. Shading, physics, bloom, particle effects are all the same. I know that a resolution boost makes things clearer for text and UI but in polygon based 3d titles that makes very little difference in actual gameplay. And I have no problem what hardware is used for a review, my issue is the constant plugging of new products in reviews. That and people trying to justify purcahsing what amounts to a $700 screen.

      • Eric Ford

        Understood. I can say that for me, I feel compelled to mention the devices used simply so that the readers understand where I'm coming from when making comments about visuals et al and less about "pushing" folks to upgrade.

    • JBRUU

      Sorry bro - think Epoch for New iPad effects. Double character resolution, real time shadows, fog, depth of field, bloom, etc.

      Just wait a few months for the A5X to be fully taken advantage of. That said, the A5 is far from obsolete.

  • Izaya

    Downloading right now 🙂

  • dadiduekappa

    Any support for iCloud save?

    • mreford

      As far as I can tell, there isn't support for it. I tried swapping between devices and couldn't figure out how to merge/transfer single player saves.

      Since MP is server based, your stats should be carried over regarded of device, however.

      • Andrei Băjenaru

        Access your device trough iExplorer (download it if you don't have it), browse for a folder named something like "com.gameloft.Nova3..." and then copy on your desktop or wherever you like the following folders: Documents, Library and tmp.
        Now disconnect the current device from the PC and connect the second device where you want your files to be copied. Access this device as well trough iExplorer, browser for the folder named "com.gameloft.Nova3..." and copy the three folders (Documents, Library and tmp) from your PC to your device.
        You should now have you single player save files on the second device.

  • Declan466

    Oh, and the multiplayer gets framerate/lag issues when playing with over 6 people (on fast connection). And theres no crouch button...

    • Rafael Palma

      I don't really get any low fps with 10+ persons, unless there is an epic Mecha fight, and even then, i don't really have poor fps.
      And almost nothing of lag, i can play the game pretty well on my iPod touch 4g

  • B3nlok

     Amazing. So after  reading comments on the forum thread and then viewing Sanuku's videos, seems like NOVA 3  running on lastest and the greatest ipad 3 actually looks worse compared to A5 devices,thanks to the missing graphic effects (deph of field, particles,etc)
    To me this is one of those situations where the Retina Display does more harm than good. 2048x1536 in demanding 3d games is obviously too much for a mobile device. Despite what Apple says or want you to believe, the Ipad 3 is clearly not as capable as a ps3/xbox360( where the vast majority of games stick to 720p), therefore devs should not force the device to render graphic demanding games on 1536p. Its overkill and waste of processing power.
    Solution? Bring the game back to 1024x768 or a little higher + 4xAA  and use the 2 extra GPU cores for nice eye candy effects and smooth framerate

    • NPeart

       I actually hope, that the developers wouldn't go in that "megapixel(kind of)" vanity, and made engines to draw evey pixel twice(I mean halving the  resolution) and use the processing power to good graphics instead of invisible processing power eating  pixels and otherwise plain graphics. It would still be 1024*768 which is still super sharp for the screen size.

  • Jo.

    So you're telling me that Bubble Pig and NOVA 3 are pretty much equal on how good they are? Sounds a little ridiculous

  • CptQuint

    This has to be the most bought gaming website I've ever encountered. To say the reviews are cookie-cutter is an insult to hard working hacks the world over. I've been browsing here now for about twelve months on and off (purely for release news and sale alerts) and the review 'style' is so embarrassingly agenda-ridden that I'm frankly amazed more people haven't noticed.

    "As for the visuals, you make a good point which I should address: I reviewed the game on my devices, which are a 4S and new iPad. Unfortunately, I don't have any earlier devices so it's kinda tough for me to discuss any potential issues. Thankfully, folks like you and the rest of the community do a great job of filling in the gaps."

    Oh, the ever-reliable forum community we hear mention of in every other review (albeit this time it was buried away in the comments). Seemingly and frequently incapable of delivering well-rounded and complete review themselves, the 'journos' at TA are predictably quick to point visitors to the forums "where the guys seem to be loving X game" - as if the reviewer is basically saying, "look, I've covered the basics and run out of things to write about it myself without upsetting our sponsor, so please continue to our forum to gauge whether or not this review has any merit whatsoever, let alone the game itself."

    Really, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Thankfully the more discerning reader knows exactly where to find journalism with integrity.

    On a positive note, I do appreciate the [sponsored] sale alerts. But would it hurt to include titles on sale (some, very high-profile) which aren't necessarily lining your wallet? It'd be, you know, helpful.

    • Maniacfive


      Short version: I hate the reviews here. I should stop reading them and stop posting about how much I hate reading them.

      • CptQuint

        Forgive me for daring to be critical of your favourite advertisement website.

        Please, don't let me distract you any further from guzzling down what is spoon fed to you. Sorry about that.

      • Maniacfive

        You can critique all you like. I'm just wondering why you bother? It's like people on twitter who message people they follow to let them know they're boring or whatever. The unfollow button is right there. It's YOUR choice to come here. If you consider the content advertorial, then don't read it?

      • CptQuint

        No, it's nothing like that at all. I don't follow anyone on Twitter, let alone TA. You say "I can critique" all I want, but in the same breath you ask me why I bother. Seriously? Look, some of us aren't sheep in the herd, if you get me (I gather you do not).

        It doesn't matter where it's encountered - be it here or some editorial on some other website - shoddy journalism will always be attacked by those who expect better. If a person is compelled to take issue with cynical values masquerading as professional journalism then the world is a better place for it, even on a silly little gaming website.

        You should not be so quick to bend over and take your medicine.

      • GertjeD

        Negative critique is sign of positive engagement. It's healthy for toucharcade and us if visitors mention publicly that this review is saying suspiciously little about game design. I agree that the article looks like a dilemma between disappointment about game design and fear for not getting any scoops from Gameloft anymore.

    • IMNS

      Oh hello angry internet crazy #398798. It was fun reading your "opinions". That tin foil hat really suits you btw!

      • CptQuint

        Hello back, you're not another apologist are you?

        By the way, FYI, when I air my grievances I do not wear a tinfoil cone on my head. I wear a fedora adorned with a single brown marabou feather.

      • IMNS

        So that's the secret behind this madness? Keep it up young'un. You will someday conquer the interwebz!

  • Broli95

    Downloading it right now. Do you want to add me on gameloft so we can play together? Gameloft Live ID: broli95

  • Laszlo Tuss

    It crash on the iPad 1, iPad 2, and i think it do the same on iPod Touch 4 and maybe on the iPhone 3Gs...

    Gameloft  crap, maybe i will buy it if it will be 1 bucks and if i would have a new iPad.

  • NPeart

    Actually, please developers, could you put my iPhone 4S's processing power into use by halving the resolution and putting shaders and such into place instead! It would still be 480x320 which would be enough for 3" screen. At least as an option!!! If such option would require too much work, I would choose that option even if the graphical features wouldn't be increased because that would at least save battery.

  • MaskU2See

    How is it on the iPad? Should one wait for iPad HD version of this game?

  • Xembly

    How are the controls. I own Mw3 and though it looks great on my iPad 3 I cannot play fps with gyro/ touchscreen controls. At least without autotaim etc.

    • NPeart

      The controls are great! Gyro aided touch screen controls are better to me than HD-Ready consoles last gen controllers. And one of the many reasons is in particular the auto aim; with last gen controllers there has to be some sort of automation to make up the indirect nature of the controls and their small range of movement.

  • Xembly

    Mc3 I mean.

  • Jay MacEachern

    Is this game actually in retina resolution on iPad 3, or just a few items?? They're update to Modern Combat 3 fell very short and looked terrible when comparing it graphically to games like Infinity Blade & Shadowgun. 

  • jclardy

    I was hesitant to buy this because it is Gameloft (I have bought a bunch of their games, only a few have I actually played more than 5 minutes) but this game actually looks quite amazing on the new iPad. The storyline isn't great, but as far as being a decent FPS for a touchscreen device it does well. It seems they went for a merge of Crysis 2 and Halo on this one.

    There are a few issues, multiplayer is alright, but vehicle physics are pretty terrible. They work, but it is not fun at all to drive the "warthog" like it is in halo. I don't know why they didn't just implement steering like they did camera movement, it would have been so much better (It is implemented with left and right buttons...)

    And the touchscreen controls still don't work that well. The main problem is that you aim, lift finger to fire button, shoot, pick up finger off of fire button, and aim again. So it just doesn't feel as fluid as playing Halo with a controller.

    Maybe the iPad will get a pressure sensitive screen one day, so that a light touch would look and a firm grip would squeeze the trigger.

    • NPeart

      I wish they could use volume buttons as triggers. That would remove the capacitive screens problem with recognizing the touch surface in this case, but gyro aiming fully removes that problem for me and also enhances immersion as its practically virtual reality. Fingers do stuck to the glassy screen a bit, which makes accurate movements slightly awkward some times.

      • jclardy

        I haven't tried gyro aiming yet, but I will later. Volume buttons would work pretty well though, even on iPad (If you have it with volume buttons on the bottom you could use your pinky for the trigger.) But Apple would never allow repurposing the volume buttons inside a game (Even though they did for the camera, but the camera doesn't play music in the background.)

    • Niclas Johansson

      Pressure sensitivity is something that developers should be able to add already. Since fingertips are made of squishy flesh, the harder we press, the bigger the area of skin that's in contact with the screen. So why not just have "let players calibrate two different levels of pressure" as an option in these types of games, I wonder?

      Or can anyone explain why this wouldn't work?

      • jclardy

        The reason is that the only data you can use is the xy coordinates that the OS gives you. There is an undocumented API that gives a touch radius, but Apple rejects apps that use the API.

        So the only way to do it would be through a jailbroken iPad. But even still it would be inaccurate because people have different size thumbs and then some use the tips and the others use the fleshy parts, so the variances would be difficult to account for.

      • Niclas Johansson

        Didn't know about that restriction of API usage to extend functionality, that's interesting. And sad. Re: inaccuracy - that was why i suggested player calibration.

  • Kyle Sus

    For those of you with a 4s and the new iPad, which one do you like playing it on more?

    • jclardy

      iPad for sure, on the iPhone your thumbs just take up way too much space.

      • Kyle Sus

        I've played a bit on both now.  I find the iPhone way easier to shoot, even though its on the smaller screen.  At least the Gameloft profile saves across devices now, unlike MC3.  So you can continue playing online on either device.

    • Mbillie420

      I have a 4s and the new iPad.I play on iPad only tried 4s just to see the difference in graphics after I read somewhere that the new iPad had some stuff removed.4s version did look better with smoke and fire coming from buildings and debris falling in the air but buttons were to close together.New iPad version still looked better on a big clear screen so I didn't miss the missing effects. But I was wondering what other effects were removed from later levels cause I only played first level on my 4s.

  • catharsis6163

    I'm actually one of those who like and support gameloft for the most part (minus the freemium garbage and a few other sloppy titles) but I have to say that this is disappointing. The graphics are wonderful, the sound is good, controls are...alright, but the LAG! The lag on the new iPad is unforgivable. I would prefer they take a little of the shine off it and provide a solid, well oiled game experience. As I play I feel as though the lowered frame rate causes me to grudgingly accept the game rather than enjoying the awesome sequel I've been anticipating. Maybe it's time to go back to console gaming.

  • Ghostdog753

    Why all the HATE? If you don't like the game fine, I can respect that. However calling the reviewer's writing suspect, accusing the site of pandering to the developer is simply bad form. To be exact it point towards "trolling" IMHO. I've played the game. Does it have issues? Sure it does, but so does Infinity Blade II which is considered a flagship IOS title. If you are looking for a portable console experience, get a psp vita. The IPad is not a device for "hardcore" gamers anyhow. Simply put, from the first five chapters I've seen campaign experience in N.O.V.A 3 was well done and is light-years ahead of the previous offering. If you are a CASUAL player and like to play fps on your iPad buy it. You will enjoy it. Hardcore gamers stay away, you will not find the MW3 experience here. Just my thoughts.

    • Richard Calder

      A MW3 experience is the least I want anywhere. But I know what you meant. MW3 is a good package as to what a game should have but without the stale boring appeal to it, of redo redo redo.

      Now as to people saying that the review says that the game uses the iPhone4S and new iPad to its fullness. I agree with the iPhone 4S but not the new iPad. This game for me is just a quarter or lets say half of what the new iPad is capable of.

    • Jo.

      No one is looking for a MW3 experience O.o. There is no hate for the game at all, just criticism for this awful review. It simply doesn't address what a review should. It is more like a preview than a review to be honest.

  • helmacc

    Game sucks and this review reeks of paid advertisers... Huh I mean professional jurnalism.

  • Michael Gordon Edward Jarvis

    Third last paragraph. Screen is missing the 'n'.

  • LOLavi

    So this is single player review... Hope they'll bash mp as I heard it sucks and I can't afford space nor credits so if it's reviewed poorly it'll make my jealousy go away.

    On another note, Toucharcade reviewers should really get some iPod Touches to review with because you gave Infinity Blade 2, 5 stars yet its buggy as hell on my iPod and there's no way I'd rate it more than 3 stars

    • casualneutralcool

      The release version of NOVA 3 is unplayable on iPod Touch 4G.  Unless of course, you can deal with paying to play only the first chapter.

  • Andy Nguyen

    There are still no dynamic shadows. I'm so sick with pre-rendered shadows and blob shadows on ios titles. I think the hardware can just handle shadows fine. Look at bladeslinger.
    I think the game is a hybrid of Halo anf Crysis 2.

  • Daniel Simai

    This is my opinion, after one hour of game play.

    The controls are just horrible, I shoot all of my bullets on one enemy. The game is not optimized well for iPhone 4S, it lags, stutters a lot even in the closed areas (like in buildings). I think Gameloft needs to polish a little more on this game.

  • casualneutralcool

    Hi all, I posted a more thorough game impression in the forum under "boomheadphones" for those who want to read it.  NOVA 3 was not made with the iPod Touch 4G in mind.  The lag from campaign chapters 2 & 3 of the game made it so unplayable that I had to stop playing.  I hope this helps iPod users.

  • FreezeFrozen

    I am still under the shock....played last night a few hours....
    this is simple : before I hated Gameloft like evil . Because of their 'copy-paste' production style...
    Now I totally love them: N.O.V.A 3 is just the most oustanding game so far on iOS. 

  • Josh Wiou

    I think i should put my two cents in as a first impression (ipod touch 4g 32g )
    compared to halo PC 2004(singleplayer) +=better -=worse "=alright but not as good as halo.
    graphics (compared to halo PC 2004 with max settings/res):+
    voice acting:"
    and heres why

     i gave gameplay a " because of the fact that, it may be a Halo clone and i would still say due to the fact that Halo is well...Halo, it wins regardless but however it still has a very very fast paced gameplay so far and im only on the first chapter still. Just think of halo shields, with the Fear slowmo and mix that in with some epic iron sights and you have a pretty kickass gameplay.

    graphics are obviously better then the PC version of halo 1 on max, even with my ipod touch 4g. Anyone who would say otherwise is just full of bs.

    I have yet to touch MP

    but i would say about halfway through chapter 1, i have yet to
    experience any major lag issues. Also the controls for you MIGHT take
    abit of getting use to since you can't move icons around on the screen
    anymore. your fps may get low to the point where (happened i think once?) its noticeable but the majority of the time it doesn't even matter because the gameplay is just so fast paced.

    storyline however halo just wins, NOVA never really had a strong storyline to begin with but with this latest version of the series it trys to make do with what it has. Its decent imo so far.

    voice acting:best voice acting so far in any gameloft game as of right now. but still halo wins in this.

  • Jacob007

    Like everyone else says. Great graphics, not much lag, improved controls, but GameLoft tried too hard on the storyline.
    Best NOVA yet.

  • Josh Wiou

    Alright just finished the game in about 4-5 hoursish.
    pretty smooth gameplay throughout the whole story campaign (other then some fps drops in specific areas ex: looking at the bloom effect from the sun, constant machine gun fire, flamethrower all dipped the fps for a few seconds but the majority of the time i would say the fps was 24+ on an 32gig ipod touch 4g)
    only encountered 2 really glitches, both of which i would say needs attention since it can throw people off and get them stuck. (Not to induce any spoilers but, if you get to a certain mission an yelena tells you to put three crystals inside the term, and nothing happens when you put all three in, simply get another crystal and put it under the red terminal that will reset the whole objective and allow you to put the crystals in the correct order which if you place one in wrong, she simply tells you "wrong one".)
    as of right now, without touching the MP as i said before, i would give this game a 4.5/5 given if they fix the glitchs, bugs in a future update i would change it to a 5. This is the best FPS Shooter on the app store, along with the best single player FPS campaign you can get for your moneys worth.

  • Jacob Nørgaard

    I wish there'd be an option for us new iPad owners: Retina resolution on or off. The retina resolution is great for all 2D and simple 3D, but when it comes to advanced 3D like this game, the A5X simply can't mustard the needed power.

    Alas, without the CHOICE (which would be VERY simple to include) we are stuck with subpar performance. Why not give us the CHOICE, dammit!?

  • Callum Gordon

    I have a question, the reset option in NOVA 3, what does it do, does it get rid of all your credits and upgrades or just start the campaign from the start

    • Emeraldreporter

      Reset, resets your Campaign progress, your Coins/Credits are connected to your account.

    • Emeraldreporter

      Reset only resets your Campaign progress. Your Coins/Credits are connected to your GL Account

  • glplayer356

    Campaign mode is slow on iPod touch 4g but multiplayer is good.

  • glplayer356

    Campaign is slow in my iPod touch 4g but multiplayer is good.

  • عبد العزيز القحطاني

    Great game specially onlin / ssaamss

  • Martin basson

    guys the online mod is so awesome

N.O.V.A. 3 - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance Reviewed by Eric Ford on . Rating: 4.5