The Binary Mill's Mini Motor Racing [$2.99 / Free / $1.99 (HD) / Free (HD)] was initially released late last year, and we liked it quite a bit in our review. It's a slick little top-down arcade racer with some great visuals, an excellent soundtrack, and tons of content to play through.

In our review, we mentioned how much we hoped that the multiplayer mode, which initially was local only, eventually went online. Well, this recent update adds not only complete online multiplayer via Game Center, but also an entire new championship to race in. New cars have been added, a few tracks have been "remastered," and there's a number of other tweaks they threw in as well.

If you already own Mini Motor Racing, make sure you snag this update. If you were waiting on online multiplayer, well, it's here, so get on it.

  • Jack Wong

    Nice idea, but the reward suck, I have to play the low lvl races # of times to save enough $ to upgrade the stupid car, because no matter you are # lvl20 or 30, the reward is only 10% more than the first lvl but the upgrade cost you double!

  • Joshua Wyatt

    The problem with this game was that you can't remain competitive enough with a standard car long enough to save up to buy a better car. You're instead forced to spend money upgrading a base car to remain competitive which never leaves you with enough money to buy any new cars. Thus forcing you to buy IAP currency which is ridiculous for a $2 app.

    So when I did even buy some IAP currency to inject a bit more life into the game, so I could buy a new car, the new cars have worse stats than my fully upgraded original car so I should have spent MORE money on IAP currency to upgrade that too, just so I could keep racing. 

    All this on top of girding the same old tracks just to unlock the new ones. And buddy physics and collision detection robbing me of the lead every other race. 

    Not fun.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    If won't buy it because its not universal, and with this, they also split the GC multilayer "community".
    And if its true what the two comments said, then i definitely won't buy it, even if it will be 0,79.

    I will play it if it would be free for a day, but not paying for it.

  • Juan

    Boost Mobile - Samsung Transform Ultra No-Contract Mobile Phone - Black....

    Why does mini motor racing keep crashing oon this phones does anyone now?
    i need to know how to get my money back really if i cant get this game to play on my phone.

    it loads the game and does so slowly, then it crashes just before i get to the race LIKE WTF??!!

  • Juan

    Boost Mobile - Samsung Transform Ultra No-Contract Mobile Phone - Black

    Why does MMR keep crashing on this phone, i need my money back ASAP!!!
    it crashes just before i get to the race and it does it for every spectrum of the game. this is not even fair.

    tried deleting it and re install and nothing same thing!! this is not good for business