Contre Jour [99¢] and its Universal HD brother, Contre Jour HD [$2.99], has always been a looker, but it's now even more impressive on new iPad. Thanks to a late (but welcome) retina update, the HD version puzzle game is fully embracing Apple's new high pixel density screen. As you'll see below, this version is sharper and crisper and cleaner than it ever has been, which is saying something since it looked great pre-update anyway.

No update for a puzzle game is complete without new levels. A brand new jungle-themed chapter has been added to both versions of the game, ushering in some twists on the game's pre-existing moveable tentacle and platform mechanics. Also, a new "bonus" ending has been added for those who can collect the game's (now) 300 lights. Sounds like you've got some work to do, guys.

  • Ellie Humphrey

    Nice! I don't have the new iPad, but I've played Contre Jour on the iPad2 -- good stuff. Brad, what level are you on?

  • Laszlo Tuss

    So now the "HD" is actually contain HD content? 😀 lol

  • Jay

    Now this is news I like to hear!  Retina graphics are always amazing on the new iPad 🙂

  • Doug Hardman

    Still sucks that I wasn't able to move my progress to the new iPad. I had all 240 lights and was 80% complete but none of that transferred to the new one. With Cristal or iCloud.