It's really hard not to start craving inventory management, pixel-hunting, and adventure game logic like it's 1996 all over again after checking out Sky Goblin's classic point-and-click game, The Journey Down. Set to hit iPad, iPhone, and Android "soon," it's often described by media as a love letter to classic games like Monkey Island. It has a really unique style, though, as you'll see in the trailer.

Sky Goblin recently started up a thread on our message board dedicated to its game, and we've been staring at the screens it has shared for an uncomfortable amount of time. A 2D version of this first episode of The Journey Down has been available on other platforms for a bit, so this is technically "older" material... but we're more than happy about it finally coming our way. We'll have more soon on the game.

  • Matt Willsher

    oh goodness, this is fantastic news. I loved this game on PC.