Yeeeeesh. Been a crazy busy week doing lots of behind the scenes stuff to prepare for [REDACTED]. Speaking of which, if you're interested in writing for us, give this thread a peep for more details. If you've got some industry experience, give us a shout.

Anyway. There's a bunch of cool games coming tonight, if you've been waiting years for the continuation of the Harry Potter games, tonight is your night.

Like all Wednesdays, all of these games should be available in the US App Store at 11:00 PM Eastern.

AbraWORDabrA, 99¢ - Forum Thread - A word game with levels, and some kind of… Angry magician?

Brainsss, $2.99 - Forum Thread - A slick looking game where you play as a gang of zombies infecting humans, looks awesome.

DreamWorks Dragons: TapDragonDrop, $1.99 - Forum Thread - I'm glad the cat is finally out of the bag on this, don't dismiss it because it's a movie game, there's some clever puzzle elements inside.

Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7, $4.99 - Forum Thread - After a very long summer break, Harry and his pals are back at Hogwarts. The first game was great, this one likely will be too.

MiniFlyer - Forum Thread - Another Mega Jump style vertical jumper? Sure! Why not!

My Little Hero, 99¢ - Forum Thread - The latest game from NC Soft has tons of character to it, hopefully it has the gameplay to match. (Fingers crossed.)

Robbery Bob, 99¢ - Forum Thread - A neat looking stealth-centric sneaking game from Chillingo.

Rocket Fox, Free - Forum Thread - This trailer is giving me really strong Jumping Flash! flashbacks, anyone else?

RPG Dragons Odyssey Frane, $11.99 - Forum Thread - According to the iTunes text, this is a "High quality Japan Action RPG". We'll give it a closer look.

THE KING OF FIGHTERS-i 2012, $6.99 - Forum Thread - An updated version of King of Fighters with all sorts of multiplayer. People on our forums are going crazy for it.

Tractor Trail, 99¢ - Forum Thread - A farming-centric puzzle games from the dudes at Origin8.

Zombie Travel, Free - Forum Thread - A free runner promising "great adventure?" Seems worth a try.

  • Rafael Palma

    BTW guys, Battle Bears 1.3 comes out Tomorrow (Midnight?). Maybe you can add it too with its respective trailer

  • Sean Yuan

    Best iOS release week of 2012 so far. Spending over $30 tonight.


    • TouchGamePlay

      And I thought I`m the crazy Guy here 😉

      • Sean Yuan

        Haha, you are Sanuku xP. It wouldn't have been too much if I didn't get Dragons Odyssey Frane.


  •  tfobf

    Dungeon Village (Kairosoft) is out on the Japanese App store with English text too.

    • JCat_NY

      That is the best news I read today!!

  •!/Retronaut42 Retronaut42

    Why can't Triniti create something original for a change?

  • swarmster

    Judging by the app descriptions, Tractor Trail is the only game supporting iCloud this week, so I'll give that a shot.

    Apple (or someone) should really have an icon announcing iCloud support for each app, similar to Game Center. I'd hate to pass up a game that just didn't mention it because 'of course my game supports iCloud, why wouldn't it?'

    • Gagapokerface

      I think I'm sold on Tractor Trails by those beautiful bright green trees. Seriously, great colors.

      • swarmster

        Fully agreed, actually. It was certainly the most attractive of the bunch, as well.

    •  tfobf

       Serious question, why do you not play games without iCloud?

      • swarmster

        Lots of reasons:

        - I want to be able to play my iOS games on whatever device I want to use at the time. (This includes the very common situation of reading about a game here while I'm at work. There are many times I'd happily purchase a game if I knew I'd be free to play it here and there throughout the day, and then be able to pick up with it on my iPad when I get home, and maybe even again on my phone when I'm out later, without having to do everything twice in completely separate but parallel progressions.)

        - I like games where beating your high score is a motivator, but that loses its luster when your "high score" isn't your high score, because you happened to be using a different device at the time.

        - Apple developed a really slick solution to this problem, and I like to see it implemented. To say nothing of my dislike of developers holding back an otherwise quickly advancing platform. (For example, I shouldn't have to think about apps and data when upgrading from one device to another, one advantage of iOS and the work Apple has put into persistence. Except since no one supports iCloud, I'm back in the stone age of syncing my device with old backups and all that mess.)

        - Sometimes I get tired of a game and want to delete it, or have a game that's huge and temporarily want to free up some space for other things. iCloud lets me do that without losing everything. No fear of having to carry installed apps forward forever just so you don't lose your saved game.

        - As mentioned in the iCloud article yesterday, it seems that the lack of iCloud support is a result of iCloud being a low priority for some devs. The only way to make it more important, then, is to stop buying games that don't implement it. That's the main action I have as a consumer.

        - As a slightly less serious note, I think there's a part of me that likes that the pickup has been slow. Like when Game Center was being ignored by the majority of titles, it makes my job of picking games to buy and play MUCH easier. I'm less broke, my backlog is semi-manageable, and I can spend far less time reading reviews and watching videos to decide what to make time for. One of the great things about the App Store is you can ignore the majority of games and still have more to play than you could ever manage.

        ...Wow, didn't mean to write that much, but I'm sure there's more, too.