The awesome match-3 city builder Triple Town [Free] from Spry Fox has received a bunch of updates since we first reviewed it this past January, including a juicy update late last month that added two brand new maps to play. One played much like a standard 6x6 grid game but with the added challenge of a body of water right in the middle that you’d need to work around, and the second new map was a smaller 5x5 grid that was devoid of the risk of bears or ninjas and played like a casual freeplay mode.

Today another new update has hit Triple Town adding yet another new map for owners of the game who have unlocked the unlimited play IAP. The game is free-to-play with a limited number of turns, which also regenerate slowly over time. You can purchase coin packs to buy additional turns with or you can pay a flat fee, currently $3.99, to unlock unlimited turns in the game.

I appreciate how the game tries to offer a lot for those who don’t want to pay any money, but I find the usage of consumable IAP kind of confusing, and I’d suggest treating the free game as a limited trial and if you like it then go for the one-time unlimited turn purchase rather than muck around with buying turns. This is especially true if future content updates are only going to come for those who have purchased that option.

Anyhoo, as for the new map it’s actually really great. It’s called Bear Attack and is a 5x6 grid that plays mostly like a normal game except for one huge change: there’s 50% more bears. This obviously requires a certain amount of new strategy to deal with but can also result in some huge scoring opportunities with trapping bears and converting them into churches. Like the 2 new maps before it, Bear Attack tweaks the core formula of Triple Town just right in order to offer a completely different take.

And speaking of tweaks, there's also another round of tweaks and fixes in this latest update as well. If you have yet to try out Triple Town, definitely give the free download a try as it’s easily one of the most refreshing matching games to come along in a long time and it continues to improve with each new update.

  • Micah Peterson

    As a typical anti-IAP gamer, I have had great fun with the free version for the past few months and haven't spent any money at all.  The regenerating turns and the ability to earn coins through high end matches makes it more challenging for me. 

    As the board fills up, I'm always left with the decision of whether I spend coin on key match pieces or if I let it ride and end the game but save the coins for next time. 

    Like you said, if the updates are all for the unlimited crowd I'll probably buy it eventually, but at this point I actually prefer the limitation.

  • Steven Reid

    This was a no-brainer  - an almost instant purchase of the full unlimited turns for both me and the Missus. It's probably the most expensive IAP I've shelled over for but well worth it. Aside from anything I think good game designers need to be rewarded by having their goods purchased and Tripple Town ticked all the right boxes for me.

  • Galley

    I too, purchased the unlimited turns IAP almost immediately. This game is in my Top 5 iOS games.

  • Haley Reed

    I dont like the new capital city, but i think that they should have the previous one with being able to go to the capital city but everything else is awesome. This is definitely one my top 5 favorite games.