An iPad and iPhone game has jumped to PC, while a PC game is still set for a release on iPad. Earlier this week, Capybara's experiential adventure game, Sword & Sworcery landed on Steam, while the dudes behind Legend of Grimrock [$14.99, Steam] continued to pound away at the long-awaited iPad version of the dark, atmospheric, and classic-style RPG.

Sword & Sworcery is currently $5.99 as part of a launch promotion that ends April 23. It's a straight-up port so it doesn't rock any new content, but it certainly looks prettier on our monitors than on our iPads.

The last time we covered Legend of Grimrock, developer Almost Human was thinking it had a chance of putting the game out to iPad by the end of 2011. Obviously, that didn't pan out, but an iPad version is still very much in the works. An "iOS version is in the plans," the developer wrote via its Twitter account the other afternoon. We've contacted Almost Human for a, uh, more specific answer.

Years ago, we wouldn't have even thought this kind of movement was possible. Phone games were just... phone games. It's incredible that these mobile experiences are becoming so much more than just time-wasters in such a short period of time. Wonder what kind of movement we'll see within the next three-to-four years?

  • greg

    Now, please bring it to the Mac App Store

  • Mario

    Well until that time, can we please concentrate our attention on iOS games only.Β  There are more than enough sites that are dedicated to PC gaming.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Nah, we'll continue posting relevant crossover stuff. πŸ™‚

      • Mario

        Hey it's no skin off my teeth, if a site named, TOUCH Arcade wants to slowly lose it's credibility as an iOS site by posting PC games, who am I to come in between it? LOL

      • Eli Hodapp

        Following up on variations of our game of the year last year as well as an RPG tons of people are excited for that was originally teased for the iPad are the opposite of "losing credibility." Think outside the box a little bit here.

      • Singhapura

        My PC has a touch screen

  • Quickmix

    Legend of Grimrock for IOS. Amazing. I bought it for PC.
    This is Dungeon Master in 2012! Great!

  • Jan Rameken

    OMG Grimrock on my iPad 3? Glad I didnt buy it on PC straight away! All these games getting iOS ports (not to mention the already great exclusives) is making the apple platform indispensable for a gamer.

  • Alex

    I was too impatient to wait for the ipad version so I got Grimrock on steam last week, completed the game already, it was pure old school bliss! , still can't imagine the game playing well without a keyboard and mouse so I doubt i'll play it again on my ipad