The latest update to Mass Effect: Infiltrator [$4.99] isn't enough to make the most soured Mass Effect fans out there happy with Iron Monkey's vision, but it has added a shred of new content and a couple of much-needed tweaks to the core game.

The most attractive feature of version 1.0.3 is the addition of manual aiming. From the options menu, users can now disable Infiltrator's funky "tap-to-aim" mechanic and choose what to kill and when manually. The automatic aiming mechanic, which has been "improved" in this update, too, felt broken at launch, and made tough fights way tougher.

This update also works in more in-game rewards and has incorporated facial scarring for Ezno. Make too many Renegade choices and the world will know, as he'll slowly morph into a space version of Freddy Krueger. New iPad performance tweaks have been added, too.

Interestingly, this update also works in a bonus mission that has users playing as a Turian attempting to escape a Cerberus medical bay. Aside from the mechanical issues, our biggest problem with Infiltrator is that it's just a shooter. Mass Effect is about character, emotion, and story, and Infiltrator never latched onto these aspects in any meaningful way. Missions like this are a step in the right direction.

  • Ryan J Gill

    Can't wait to try this out later. I enjoyed the game at first, but the controls were clunky and felt too gimmicky. 

  • B30 B30

    This game is a no-go, 'cause it's from EA! 🙁

    • famousringo

      I don't hate this game because it's from EA. I hate it because it sucks.

      Wait, new control scheme? I'll give it a second chance.

  • The Real Ninja

    New controls? Time for me to grab it! 😀

  • DwayneW

    The game was impossible before the fix. After this update, I finished the game "in an hour." (From start to finish. Currently, it's not very long) What a difference, an update can make. Also, I love the blurring effects, and, I'm grateful that there's a little more "diversity" in the enemy voices. You don't want a game like Mass Effect to be comparable to Call of Juarez: The Cartel, would you? (Unless, that's what you want, in which case, this game "will go back" into the recycling bin on my laptop and I'll forget it ever existed.

  • Gabriel Shiguemoto

    I was kind of disappointed at first, but after sometime playing it I really got addicted. Of course is just a shooter without all the RPG elements from the series, but is really beautiful and well done. I had a lot of fun playing and I recommend it.

  • Ryan J Gill

    It plays much better now. If they could fuse this with Galaxy's story approach it'd be amazing for a portable game.