It was nearly a year ago that developer Juicy Beast Studio announced an iOS port of their popular Flash game Burrito Bison, so where the heck is it already? The team seemed enthusiastic about the port when we spoke to them about it shortly after the announcement, and Ravenous Games was on board to facilitate the porting process.

Well, according to a November blog post from Juicy Beast revealing the sequel to Burrito Bison, the developer stated that they felt that this new game, called Burrito Bison Revenge, would be an even better fit for the iOS platform, and thus decided to focus efforts on porting it instead. Then yesterday, Juicy Beast tweeted this teaser.

So, does that mean the iOS game is close? Are we getting the original Burrito Bison, its superior sequel Burrito Bison Revenge, or perhaps both? Or maybe something entirely different? These are burning questions which I’m sure will be answered in due time, but after a year of relative silence, and since I really enjoyed Juicy Beast’s previous iOS port of Gobtron [$1.99], I’m really looking forward to Burrito Bison hitting the App Store in one form or another soon.

  • swarmster

    Cool, I thought the game looked good way back when. And now with Ravenous Games helping out, we actually stand a chance of seeing Universal/iCloud/Retina support!

  • R Skse

    That burrito looks amazing right now..