Late last month we caught the first video for Everplay’s upcoming hack ‘n slash platformer Spellsword, and thought it looked pretty darn cool. It’s an arena-style game similar to Super Crate Box but with larger environments, more enemy types, and many upgradeable items. It also features a more structured campaign with 90 levels in addition to unlockable endless arenas. In case you missed it before, you can check out Spellsword in action in the following trailer.

Yesterday in our forums, Everplay announced that Spellsword has an official release date, which will be two weeks from this Thursday on April 26th. We’ve been anxious to get our hands on Spellsword since it was announced, especially since it’s from the same team that did Terra Noctis so we know they can do platforming right. It all sounds good so far on paper, but the real test will be when we can get our hands on the final version of Spellsword when it hits later this month.

  • nicolinux

    Very cool, I dig the art/style. How about double-jumping? Can't tell from the video.

  • jeffyg3

    Super Crate Box may be the original, but it gets really old fairly quickly...hopefully this campaign and, from the looks of it, a lot more fun gameplay will outlast SCB

  • The Real Ninja

    Lemme tell you, this game is fun! I'm a beta tester and as jeffyg3 said, SCB may get  boring with  only the endless mode and 3 maps, but the missions this has are varied and it's a nice break from just going for the highest score. You definitely need to grab this once it's out!

  • araczynski

    never liked this genre, but do like the art style.

  • Gemutlichkeit

    They really need to work on the controls. Super Crate Box has the controls for games like this.