Cafeteria Nipponica is the latest Kairosoft game to grace Android. In it, you'll play as "the chef de cuisine" and assume his or her role of planner, architect, and chef. You'll compose menus, discover and research ingredients, construct a restaurant and then put in various trimmings in an effort to boost its popularity and make customers happy. This is as traditional as it gets, from the look and description of it.

We're giving you the heads up on this because there's a solid chance we'll see this on iOS soon. Historically, Kairosoft launches its titles on Android first, and then ports the game to iPhone about a month later. We haven't seen a Kairosoft release since the beginning of the year, so we're ready for it to... spice up our lives with any game, including this one. Help us feel complete, Kairosoft!

  • boxbrown

    DAMN U KAIROSOFT!!! You're slowly killing me by not releasing iOS games!!! 

  • J D

    Insert "Take My Money Now" image.

  • KenGriffeyIII

    "Historically, Kairosoft launches its titles on Android first, and then ports the game to iPhone about a month later"

    Really? I can think of two that have done that (Pocket League Story and Grand Prix Story) but that's it. Also by that logic shouldn't we have the cruise game first? I'm not trying to be a know-it-all or anything just trying to figure out how excited I should be about this news.

    • a0me

      In addition to Pocket League Story and Grand Prix Story, you can add Dungeon Village, World Cruise Story, and Epic Astro Story as games that launched on Android first before being ported to iOS.

      • KenGriffeyIII

        Right but what I'm saying is that all those games didn't come to iOS a month after they were released on Android. I'm not sure where Brad was getting that from.

      • theundertow

        Let me know when I can download World Cruise or Dungeon Village...neither has been released on iOS...hell we just got EAS.

  • Alan Keller Jr.

    I'm still waiting for Dungeon Village to port over to iOS... from what I understand its not gonna happen... 🙁

    • Tyler Piderit

      That is sad news! I hope they change their minds.

    • Nick

      I hope they change their minds as well. I saw a preview for Dungepn village and got so stupidly excited, and then in turn immediately disappointed. Half tempted to get an android device JUST for that game! Shame I can't find a way to emulate it on my iPad

  • Henry Lee


  • Nicole Hunter

    I hate Kairosoft so much.  It's too bad I love their games so much.  

  • Ubersnuber

    This looks promising. A restaurant, with all the layers to master, this could be a perfect fit. In Kairosoft we trust!

  • Florent Berault

    Still waiting Dungeon Village, World Cruise Story, and Epic Astro Story (which might be the best of all three). Now this one !!

    • amnesia

       Yes, I want Epic Astro Story, too. But hey, Star Command is coming very soon. Not the same, but probably even beter 🙂

    • JCat_NY

      Dungeon Village? Now they have my attention.

    • Stark

      Epic Astro Story was released today 😉

  • Tyler Piderit

    Kairosoft should be releasing all their games for both platforms always! I bought them all on Android and will buy them all again on my iPhone. So much fun. I hope they even everything out.

    Also hoping Game Dev Story 2 is still in the making 🙂

  • Cat Astrophy

    I used to love these games but none of the new skins really improve on the gameplay anymore. I'm tired of the hidden mechanics, and I'm tired of the slow unskippable "skill up" animations.

  • Paul Toderas

    I'm sorry to rant here, but while Android gets all the omg cool Kairosoft games we got Venture Town and Oh Edo Town which both are terrible compared to the other iOS releases. 

    I get it that it must be business and all but I WANT THE OTHER GAMES 😀

  • Young

    I think, for the first time, I'll wait until the reviews come in for the new game.  The last few have left me feeling underwhelmed, and I can't justify the insta-buy tag for Kairosoft games anymore.

  • appfreak

    This reminds me of the Freemium Pucca restaurant game, minus social features

  • Michael Walter

    Epic Astro Story just popped up on the iOS AppStore! Kairosoft just got more of my money. 🙂

  •  tfobf

    Where is Dungeon Village god dammit.