Hero Academy [Free] is now a Universal app. Last week, Robot Entertainment spilled the beans on the update, confirming its existence and detailing one of the more exciting additions: a new team called "the Tribe." It also announced the inclusion of a new game board and two new mechanics that accompany its arrival: barbed crystals and Resist boost squares. Lead designer Marcin Szymanski breaks down why these are important to the game on its blog:

Barbed Crystals are quite a departure from our board designs, giving the units responsible for our victory condition a way to fire at the enemy! We actually started off with some passive boosts for crystals on this board, such as innate damage reflection, but the active ability easily won out in playtesting. And, the new Resist boost premium square complements the Defense boosts that is already in place on other boards. On paper, it is a small change, but it actually changes various match-ups quite significantly.

This update isn't without the usual glut of fixes and balancing tweaks. Robot has laid out everything on its blog, so if you're into the nitty-gritty, go check it out. Also, take note that this version of the game now has an "undo" mechanic. Starting now, you can undo a single action with a tap of the AP wheel. Neat!

Hero Academy, by the way, is a fantastic turn-based strategy game. If you haven't picked it up alongside most of the known world, you should. Our review is available for your reading pleasure here.

  • Pavelbure

    Glad the dwarves got buffed a bit.

  • IMNS
  • Noah

    The servers are slammed right now. Haven't been able to access my games for 3+ hours.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/rekzkarz#a0df5 REkzkaRZ

    I liked this game for a few days, but found that the strategy was lacking.  The game board is too basic, and I felt there were too many moves per turn...  Too bad.  Was hoping for the Star Wars chess of my dreams, instead had an endless "whack & heal' game that lacks any involved strategy and doesn't reward risk taking or creativity.

    Maybe a future release can fix?  ie better game boards (bigger/more varied) and less moves per turn?  Or something...??!?