Assuming my math is correct and the curators of the Wikipedia listing are on the ball, including the various compilations there have been 23 different Deer Hunter titles. When you reach ten entries in a series, you've got to really start thinking outside the box to come up with new things to keep the lineage fresh. When you hit 20, you've got to get really crazy, and when you hit 24 (again, assuming the Wikipedians are doing their job) you apparently have to implement X-Ray mode.

Check it out in the trailer:

As far as I can tell, the killer new feature of the "Reloaded" game is the ability to flip down your X-Ray specs and aim directly for the brain, heart, or lungs of your prey. Hunting games have always been sort of borderline when it comes to grotesque brutality, especially in recent installments as point systems have been implemented, rewarding the player for a flawless stream of headshots fired upon a group of deer wandering through the woods, but this… This is something else. It almost seems over the line, even for this hardcore veteran of the worst shock sites the Internet has to offer.

Deer Hunter Reloaded should be available soon as a free to play title, featuring sixteen upgradeable weapons ranging from rifles to shotguns and even handguns for your brain-blasting pleasure. You'll also be able to tweak out your avatar with all sorts of different hunter swag.

What do you guys think about this? X-Ray mode seems a little over the top, right? Or am I just being uncharacteristically sensitive about this?

[via Pocket Gamer]

  • Alex G

    As shown on the video around 0:29, you can also kill animals by missing by an inch.  This game has everything!

  • Scott Lembcke

    Huh? Sort of reminds me about people getting upset that you could kill dogs in Wolfenstein. It seems like you are skipping right over the fact that most shooter games are about killing... people.

    It's a simulation game. The entire point of making it is to kill things in an increasingly realistic fashion. Sim games also don't attract a lot of players anymore, so they also feel the need to make them as flashy and arcadey as possible too.

  • Steve

    X-ray mode has been in hunting titles for years, a lot of cabelas games have it.

  • Rirath

    If this was a feature in the latest FPS, I wouldn't blink. I think the difference however is that, in that type of game, it'd be about a combat advantage. In this? It's seemingly somewhat frivolous.

    It's not like the bear's only weak-point is it's brain... unless it's a zombie bear, in which case, we totally need this, and the game is that much better for it.

    • chinito77

      Zombie bear? That gave me a good laugh, good one!

      • Steve

        some hunting games actually have zombie animals, shimano extreme fishing for Wii even has zombie fish...

  • Tim Cant

    I'm assuming the xray mode will let you kill unborn cubs right? Because otherwise what's the point?

    • Steve

      um... they typically have this because your points are based on where you shoot the animal, heart or lungs are worth more points.

  • The Mad Mule

    "...even for this hardcore veteran of the worst shock sites the Internet has to offer."

    LOL! Welcome, you must be new to the internet.

  • UnderSiege2

    Great, I just threw flour all over my iPad.

  • Mike

    Okay let's hear from all the angry birds playing hypocrites,,, sure you can hurl birds to their death to kill pigs, but this somehow crosses the line.

    • JCat_NY

      What a ridiculous comparison, even though I could care less what either side thinks. 

      • Jonathan Westlake


      • JCat_NY

        Fixed; thanks Jonathan.

  • Jared Nelson

    I refuse to acknowledge any hunting game that isn't this one:

    • JCat_NY

      And version 1.4 has improved font rendering!

    • Robosaurus Rex

       the games supposed to have an ironic message, but all i feel is the need to murder elk.

  • REkzkaRZ

    Well, just another sign that gaming is (IMO)far too violent.  If game quality were consistently good, the degree of violence wouldn't need to be boosted so much to keep people interested.  Sad....

    • Steve

      OMG, this is nothing compared to a lot of the IOS games, Grand Theft Auto?  I would never hunt animals in real life but I bet you have no problems eating them...

  • FreezeFrozen

    sorry, I prefer human hunt , more fun.
    this game looks so straight & boring.... 

  • Vinvy

    Big Buck Hunter Pro is still the only hunting game I find enjoyable, for me it's all about the Arcade feel as opposed to realism.

  • Nilsailu Utsi

    Hmm, actually, it is more humane to hit the brain or lungs rather then let the animal suffer for hours with a gut wound.

    In that respect, if this can teach some clueless hunter to aim for brain/lungs and heart, it is good practice for real life hunting!