Last October, indie developer Bertil Horberg released Helium Boy [$1.99], a colorful 3D platformer about a boy and his balloons. Helium Boy was a pleasant surprise with its cheery visuals and gameplay that revolved around filling up balloons in order to float the protagonist around each of the game’s levels. Unfortunately, an awkward camera made it difficult to properly navigate the terrain, which led to us being hesitant about fully recommending the title in our review.

Still, Helium Boy had flashes of brilliance, and we really wanted to enjoy it more. Now, Bertil is taking another stab at a platforming game with the upcoming Gunman Clive. This time around he’s sticking with a more traditional 2D side-scrolling gameplay while still retaining 3D visuals. Gunman Clive also has a really interesting sketchbook-style look, which you can see in the trailer (it's also pretty darn funny).

Bertil says his main influences for Gunman Clive were Megaman and other classic platformers of that ilk, and he’s aiming for a more straightforward platforming and shooting game as opposed to the kind of gameplay that was in Helium Boy. I’m pretty much a Megaman fanatic, so hearing this really has me excited to see how it turns out. Look for Gunman Clive to launch with the usual slew of new releases later this week.

UPDATE: Hey party people, it looks like ol' Bertil didn't want to wait around and do the usual Wednesday night release thing, and Gunman Clive is available right now for $1.99.

  • Bytebrain

    For the fab humour evident in the video alone, this is insta buy for me!Looks great.

  • Ariectus

    Ha, great trailer! It really cracked me up and looks like a blast to play as well, definitely on my radar now. I think I played their balloon game on Wii? I could be thinking of something entirely different though

  • Jyaif

    "Lots of brown"

  • Akhat

    Wow this looks like a good spot to be a game of the week.

  • Justin Wright

    Just bought it.  Can't wait to play through this one!