We don't normally dabble in business-centric news. Let's be honest, buyouts are rarely interesting, and lately they all seem to have to do with the free to play world which is often even less interesting. With that caveat, here's a recent buyout that might be interesting, mostly because Fabrication Games has made actual games (and great ones at that). We've actually reviewed quite a few of them.

Fabrication is responsible for the steampunk racer Ionocraft Racing, a slick little augmented reality game called Piclings, the retro platformer Niko, the absolutely fabulous casual puzzler Sprinkle among other titles. Oh, and when we met with them at GDC, they've got some even cooler stuff on deck.

Co-Founder Tommy Palm explained to me this morning that his acquisition should hopefully give the Fabrication Games team the resources to take these sort of games even further with the development budgets afforded by having access to the comparably deeper pockets of King.com. So, potentially games of the quality level of Sprinkle with even bigger budgets?

Where do I sign up?

Also, if you haven't yet, mash some of those links up there and check out some of the games they've released. They're great.