Crysis developer Crytek's interest in iOS has been long noted, but it's still blowing our minds that the AAA studio's name is now on the App Store. Late the other night, and months after the release of Crysis 2 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, Crytek released Fibble -- Flick 'n' Roll [$1.99 / HD] across iPhone and iPad respectively.

This is an interesting release on a couple of levels. For one, Crytek is a major player in a completely different circle, and it's finally dipping its toes in our waters. Also, Fibble is managing to look like a Crytek game. This thing's production values are off the charts considering what it is, which is to say, a fairly simple and cutesy puzzler. We're giving this a good look for review, by the way, so expect that in the future. Until then, gives this teaser trailer a look... or eight.

  • TomCrown

    Would be worthwhile contacting them to find out what they have planed going forward, especially given what Epic is doing with Infinity Blade and the crazy bags of cash it is bringing in for them.

  • swarmster

    Really? Non-Universal? They can return from whence they came.

  • The Mad Mule

    Is the nanosuit outfit going to be DLC?

  • Harrison

    What a terrible trailer. Some yellow creature rolling around does not make want to check out the game at all. Not even a hint of what the game actually is.

    • Thaurin

      It's not a trailer. It's a teaser. That's what a teaser is.

      • SpacePenguinBot

        Except that a teaser is supposed to make you more interested in a game, not less.

      • Thaurin

        Nope, a teaser is used to create awareness for a product in anticipation of a full-blown PR campaign and to generate hype. I can't see how this teaser can make anyone more interested or less interested in the game, unless that someone is anal about teasers not showing any real information and gets angry about them.

  • B3nlok

    I dont know whats the point of this or what kind of plans they have, but Its hard to imagine Crytek entering in mobile space only to compete in the app store race to the bottom with this simple casual game. This is not what they do. Maybe they have something bigger and ambitious in development

  • B3nlok

    Really? Stop crying and be thankful  for the fact they at least doing something in Appstore. This is Crytek. They dont need to be part of the .99 race.

    • swarmster

      Why do we have to fall over ourselves at the feet of large developers/publishers again? The App Store has proven that great games can come from anywhere, and they should be held to the same standard as everyone else.

      Personally, I want the features I pay for (Universal apps, iCloud support, etc). I don't need to settle for less.

    • Nick

      If they want to play on iOS, they need to get into the big boy game.

      iOS is a hell of a platform, it's competitive and developers need to understand that they need to go 100% if they want us to pay money.

      World of Goo, Sword and Sworcery, Telltale, *cringe* Gameloft, SO many more. They know how the game runs and although they don't all do a perfect job, they play the game.

      This garbage of paying a significant amount of money more for a universal app is getting silly. If you aren't going to make an app universal, then at least don't put a $3 premium on it. Seriously.

      Sigh. Yes, we don't pay console prices on iOS, and I don't expect to pay 99 cents for every app, but the bar is set higher here for what we get/expect.

      • TouchGamePlay

        Do you really expect anyone to take you serious after naming a few Developer that didn`t go the Universal & iCloud Road on Launch Day?

      • Laszlo Tuss

        And on the top of that, he named Gameloft, lol, worst mobile gaming company ever.
        They have no goal, but making maximum profit with the least work.

      • Nick

        Yes. Because at the time most of the games I noted released there was no iCloud support.

        But that said, my beef isn't so much with iCloud as it is with this BS separate iPhone and iPad versions. Even a company as iffy as game loft generally makes a universal version. And the other games I mentioned didn't just come launch day with separate versions, but instead created universal versions at no additional charge.

  • B3nlok

    "Why do we have to fall over ourselves at the feet of large developers/publishers again?"
    Because  we are reaching the point where idevices are just as powerfull as  ps3-xbox360. With the diference that there is not enough content in the Appstore enviroment that actually push the hardware. So, to my eyes,  the next logical step for Apple should be "well,  the tech is here so why not? What else can we do with these hundreds of Gigaflops?" And then try to rebuilt the Appstore in a way that it can attract large companies , such as Crytek, willing to spend large amount of money on ios projects, just like in console space. Seeing CPU-GPU technology progress at such fast pace in the mobile world , i expect the role and investiment in the gaming market to grow at similar rate.

  • iPhone

    Waiting for it to release ... seems to be cute, simple game app !!

    • Metroview

      um... it's already out.

  • Shahzaib Siddiq

    And its the new Game of the Week :)...great achievement! 

  • NPeart

    I knew it would be something small and worth of 0,99$ instead of breaking news. And I'm not thanking them for serving me another "what did you except from 0,99$ game?! You should thank them for at least doing something, and for 0,99 game its nice." -game, that I have my 700$ device already full of.

  • Porsupah

    Can we not finally bury the days of non-Universal apps, and iPad versions costing much more than the iPhone versions? Are we getting charged by screen area now? If such a beast comes to pass, will we see a third version for the 7" iPad mini, costing between the iPhone and iPad versions?

    Please, studios. You've gone to all this trouble - don't ruin it right at the very end. Make it Universal. If it absolutely must go into separate versions, simply price them equally.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Should we pay for the different resolutions in the next Crysis like in this game?

    Another team who want us charging 2 ( 3 ) times for the same game.
    Pros for 2 versions with the exactly same content:
    -You think you will earn more money
    -Actually only retards will buy the pointless "HD"
    -We can make less star reviews and make sound of our disappointment -> less 5 star-> less sales 🙁

    -Separate leaderboards, achievements, save games -> sad hardcore gamers
    -Actually more people will buy an universal game -> more  $$$
    -More happy customers, and happy customers make other customers to buy the game

    So Crytek, show to the community some respect and make the HD version universal!
    (also optional iCloud is welcome) 

    • brendan kirk

      Actually people with only an iPad will be forced to buy the "pointless" HD if they want to play the game in the best re resolution. Not pixel doubled fuzzy crap. The retarded comment is a little uncalled for.

  • Micah Peterson

    While certainly pretty and "Crytek-ish", 4.99 for an ipad version of a minigolf game? (based on the extended game play video on YouTube) I'll pass until [insert next big holiday sale here] and pick it up for .99.

    After folders and folders of purchases or free downloads of the same types of games,
    I think I've finally refined my tastes down to a simple requirement: it has to be different than the half a dozen other games I already own of the same genre. And nothing I've seen so far leads me to believe Fibble is different enough to warrant my purchase.

    If it was universal, I think I'd drop 4.99 on it, (2.99 of legitimate payment + an extra 2.00 to encourage Crytek to look into more innovative ways of moving into this space)

    For new iPad owners or recent immigrants to iOS, it looks like a solid game if you don't already have a folder full of minigolf or similar drag and release type games.

  • any-mouse

    I'm surprised, and not "pleasantly"
    Why is TA advertising this game, it's a generic clone, I'm a puzzle whore, and this doesn't interest me at all. I expect more from big console companies, I've bought WAY better, WAY CHEAPER and way more innovative games from indie devs.
    Yes, it's polished. But I'm not going to pay more then 1.99 for a polished turd.
    $5.49 is insane, the past few weeks I have bought several great innovative, universal puzzlers, twingo, light the flower, coco loco, monster flip, rinth island, etc
    New iPad owners I suggest you check out the 99c games I listed before buying this carbon copy. Though I'd give it a try if the hd version went on sale for 99c, maybe $1.99 if I'm in a good mood. Stingy I know, but there's just too much competition, I'd rather buy the 5 games I listed then this 1 game any day! And I've heard it's pretty short too. Very meh

  • Doxxi


  • brendan kirk

    Personally happy with any new mobile uses for hardcore game engines. I agree with other posters, there needs to be more interest paid to the mobile environment. It's sad that a device such as the iPad 2 and new iPad haven't reached half their gaming potential. I'd love to see what games on the newest iPads would be like if the millions of older devices weren't considered when developing AAA titles (well as close as the app store gets to AAA). Despite what some people believe, games like Shadow Gun are dirt compared to what could be made for the new iPad and iPad 2. Im holding out a lot of hope for Baldurs Gate Enhanced and Bladeslinger though, hopefully GTA San Andreas someday soon too!

  • Frank Quickmix Hassas

    I bought the iPad Version (HD). Great Gameplay and funny Sounds. I love this Game 🙂

  • Frank Quickmix Hassas

    I bought the iPad Version (HD). Great Gameplay and funny Sounds. I love this Game 🙂