Since the new iPad launched a couple of weeks ago, there’s been a pretty steady stream of updates to both games and apps that have added support for the new Retina Display screen. Just as when I first got my iPhone 4, the apps that haven’t been updated yet are driving me crazy. But, for those that support it, it really is fantastic. It’s kind of impossible to list every game that gets updated, but today 3 pretty big titles received the Retina update treatment which is worth a mention.

Waking Mars, $4.99 - [Forum Thread] - [Review] - Tiger Style’s highly anticipated follow-up to Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, Waking Mars was really unlike anything we could have expected from an iOS title. It has you exploring the depths of planet Mars and, well, gardening. Waking Mars falls under the umbrella of “more of an experience than a game”, and it’s incredibly successful at this due to the atmosphere it’s able to create. As you can imagine, enhanced Retina visuals on the new iPad heighten this experience greatly.

Paper Monsters, $0.99 - [Forum Thread] - [Review] - Crescent Moon and Robots Vs Wizards brought us the whimsical 2.5D platformer Paper Monsters back in January. It didn’t try to go out and redefine what to expect from a platforming game, rather it tried to keep things simple and fun, with many nods to Mario’s influences on the genre over the years, and pulls it off in great fashion. Since one of the strengths of Paper Monsters is its colorful, vibrant, almost cartoon-like visuals, then again the new Retina update adds a lot to the game.

EPOCH., $0.99 - [Forum Thread] - [Review] - Uppercut Games chose to go with the Unreal Engine for their 3rd person shooter Epoch, and with the horsepower and beautiful screen of the new iPad they are really able to crank that sucker up to 11. Epoch was an outstanding looking title to begin with, but it's crazy just how much better it can look when the developer's have the ability to bump everything up to the next level. In addition to Retina Display support, Epoch now boasts fog effects, depth of field blur effects, additional fancy lighting and shadows, and double the resolution for character textures. Add it all up and Epoch looks simply insane after this update.

  • DinoCastle

    Quick question, does the fog and other special fx added are new ipad only or can i get them on an ipad 2 or iphone 4s?

  • VigramKarunanithy

    EPOCH. looks incredible. I would like to also know if the update is iPad 3 exclusive?

  • famousringo

    I suddenly have the urge to upgrade to the new iPad just so I can fall deeper into the atmosphere of Waking Mars.

  • Rothgarr

     Is it just me, or do Epoch and Infinity Blade 2 look jaggie as hell on the new iPad even after their updates?

    • John

      They are jaggy simply because the games are not running at the native 2048x1536 resolution.  I was skeptical as to whether UE3 games could run at that resolution and I'd say, thus far, we have our answer.  The new effects are awesome, but they clearly weren't able to increase the resolution.  I doubt we'll see any (or many) native resolution UE3 games without sacrificing visual detail and/or performance.

      • borgqueenx

         i agree. the games IB2 and Epoch do NOT run at the ipad 3's native res.

      • Rothgarr

        Some edges are OK. But others look so bad. It's a shame, too, because some games like Swordigo and Paper Monsters looks really good on the new display.

  • Blair Davis

    The bards tale is also updated! and it is only $1.99 instead of normal $5.99 price tag

  • Bram Stolk

    The little crane that could does full retina now.
    Also The in game 3d window.