Robot Entertainment told us that it wanted to support iPad with a Hero Academy [Free] update, and it wasn't pulling our collective tail. This morning, the talented developer announced that a Universal update is coming "soon."

In even better news, a new team called the Tribe is coming soon as well. Robot describes these guys as brutes: "powerful and ruthless, the Tribe are aggressive warriors that are always on the attack," the announcement reads. A convenient class-by-class breakdown of this upcoming team is available on Robot Entertainment's blog. We're most impressed by the Warrior. This little green sweetie can instantly KO any wounded enemy unit under 50 percent health.

If we had to guess a date for these releases, we're guessing April 8th-ish. Robot notes that it'll be showing off a Universal build during PAX East. It's hard to imagine that the official release version won't appear during or soon after the event. We'll see, though.

  • nonstickron

    I was having a lot of fun till the Dwarves came out, they seem drastically overpowered and unbalanced. Viable for Dwarf vs Dwarf but wasn't enjoying them in any other configuration...hope its not the same case with these guys.

    • Flick Shagwell

      Most of the stats and the players tend to support that the dwarves are drastically under powered. They're useless when you take out their healer and protect your own.

    • Troy McCauley

      Dwarves are definitely not over powered. League stats are showing them at a very distant third for win loss vs skilled players. If you're having trouble with them remember they have no ranged stomp, no universal res, and no units with speed above 2.

      • nonstickron

        Well, I mostly just play my cousin who is vastly superior at the game compared to myself. He seems to spank me the hardest and fastest with them.

      • Kevin Lynch

        Dwarves are actually in line for a boost to 4 different units, due to being underpowered vs the other races. In the meantime, send a game invite to H_ngm_n and I can give you a few tips on how to deal with them.

      • nonstickron

        I'll do that. I've yet to win a game against him...Yet my wife has yet to win one against me, so I know I can't COMPLETELY suck. lol

    • Vtec51O

      I've found that they are pretty good if you are going for crystals. A lot of their skills and spells seem geared toward attacking or reaching crystals. The lack of a resurrection spell/potion, among other things, make them weak if you are trying to win by killing units.

  • UnSurreal

    Looking forward to seeing this on the ipad.

  • mclifford82

    "support iPad and new iPad" is very awkward wording.  Shouldn't we just be saying "iPad" unless we specifically need to qualify it?

  • John Klimek

    So... will this have iPad retina graphics?

  • bslayerw

    color me excited.

  • bslayerw

    oooooo what are those new blue helmet tiles? 🙂

    • Vtec51O

      They're probably the same as the current defence boost tiles except for magic defence. The current one is only for physical.

      • Justin Squires

        That's is exactly what they are for, they announced that already.