At the beginning of February, the team behind the action platformer Terra Noctis [99¢] announced their new iOS project called Spellsword (no relation to Rocketcat’s upcoming game). After dishing out scant details for Spellsword in our forums, the team has been quiet for the last month or so while toiling away at the project. Today they’ve sent along the first video for Spellsword that finally shows the game in action.

The core gameplay in Spellsword is arcade-style action platforming similar to Super Crate Box [$1.99], but with lots of cool upgradeable items like hats, rings, amulets, and special powers. It will also be more structured and goal-oriented than SCB with 90 missions slated for the release version as well as unlockable endless arenas. It's looking pretty sweet so far, and it sounds like Spellsword is very near its completion, so expect to hear a release date sometime in the near future.

  • app symmetry

    Hmm... looks good. But after the way the developers pretty much ditched, and then ignored players of Terra Noctis, I'm gonna have to make myself not get anywhere near this one... 

    • Adams Immersive

      I like Terra Noctis, especially with its iCade support! But the pixel art being blurry always bugged me. I like sharp doubled/tripled/whatever pixels... although I know it can be a programming challenge. I hope Spellsword renders the pixel art differently.

  • JCat_NY

    Before reading the headline and starting the video, I thought we had another Swordigo-type coming, but apparently, it's more like Super Crate Box. Totally nothing wrong with that, as I loved SCB, but I've had enough frantic one minute game bursts. 

  • HiRez

    I can't get the video to play. Who the heck makes iOS game trailers in .wmv format??

  • Pasteur Tran

    They recently opened a Kickstarter project I believe if anyone was interested in backing.