There's never been a better time than now to jump into Kode 80's 1-Bit Ninja [$1.99 / Lite]. A free Lite version of the game is now available on the App Store, giving users a taste of the full arcade-oriented, perspective-jostling experience. Specifically, it rocks five of the game's first levels.

Here's another reason: the game's first major content update since its debut in 2011 is now out, too. The newly-introduced World 5 picks up right where World 4 had left us wanting more, and, as a bonus, this update also packs in a nifty custom checkpoint feature. Kode 80 says this takes the edge off some of the trickiest sections. I've been having trouble in the first level, so, uh, here's to finally seeing that one through.

  • asolja

    Still cannot move left so it is a no go dewd,and as for the reviewers comment ( giving users a taste of the full arcade-oriented),it is actually orientated, not oriented which pertains to the orient.Still if you like this game your not forgiven for using the totally wrong word in a review,

    • Jared Nelson

      Um, you are completely incorrect about the usage of the word oriented.

      And since you brought it up:

      it's dude not dewd 
      reviewer's not reviewers 
      and you're not your.

      • asolja

         duh,dun u jus luv pedantic ppl,keep up the good work teecha.


    Super Mario Land, is that you?